So Precious

Today I am thankful for life.

My heart is full as I write this. We attended a memorial/funeral service for a member of our church yesterday. This young man died in an apartment fire a few weeks ago. . .the only one who did not survive.

Moments like these definitely put things in perspective. Life, at any age, is so precious. We must be about Kingdom work for whatever time the Lord has allotted. We must love intentionally, give intentionally, pray intentionally, laugh intentionally, serve intentionally. We must be devoted to our Lord, our husbands, our children, those in need, those who do without. We have to live our lives to the fullest because life is a gift from God. We have to use it well.

But above this earthly life, I am so thankful for new life in Jesus Christ. Placing my trust in Jesus as my Savior, asking Him into my heart, believing that He is the Son of God, having faith that He died on a cross for my sins, and that He rose on the 3rd day, by His grace I am given new life.

And with this new life comes the precious gift of eternal life, in Heaven with Jesus! Praise the Lord that the young man who died is now resting with the Lord. As our Pastor said, "If your loved one has died, and he or she has professed Jesus as Lord, we cannot say that we've lost them. For to lose something indicates that we do not know where it is. But because this young man was saved, we know exactly where he is, in Heaven with Jesus."

Today, I am thankful for life.

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  1. Well said! Praise the One who gives us life--physical and eternal!

  2. Thanks for the reminder about life, Staci~have a wonderful day! hugs!

  3. I'm sorry to read about this young man. Life is so very precious. It's so important to cherish each day. Even the hard ones.


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