Welcome to No Idle Bread!

I'm Stacie and this is my story:

Daughter of the Most-High God; blessed to have Jesus Christ as my Savior.
Wife of 16 years to "Husband" as I call him, my college sweetheart.
Mother of 8--7 to raise, 1 born into Heaven--4 girls and 3 boys, homeschooling them all.
Learning to embrace Biblical womanhood: femininity, modesty, gentleness, submitting to my husband, motherhood, homemaking, diligence, faithfulness, and more.
Passion for a Christ-centered family.
15th Wedding Anniversary and Vow Renewal

Daily Happenings:
Tune on my lips all. the. time. (Ask my kids! I have a song for everything.)
Favorite colors are purple and orange (not necessarily together, though!)
Enjoy the smell of a good fabric softener (I can live in the laundry aisle in the grocery store.)
Read, read, read until my eyes hurt (hence the glasses on my nose.)

No Idle Bread is where you will find the pages of my life, my walk with the Lord, how I manage each day--respect for my husband, raising my kids, caring for my home, homeschooling and more.  I share what is on my heart, the good and the not-so-great, my struggles and my victories. 

To keep a record for my children, particularly my daughters and future daughters-in-law. . . .
An effort to encourage other Christian wives and moms. . .
Prayerfully, to bring glory to God.

In my journey as a wife and then a mom, I am understanding the responsibility and depths of submission, love, respect, training, rearing, discipline, honor, communication, and forgiveness. Over the years, what I've found is that God is wise and His way is perfect and this I must accept. I also found that joy, fulfillment and blessings lie within the Biblical example of being a wife and mother. God is so faithful!

I am sure that I am not perfect and I have much more growing ahead. But what I've learned by God's grace, I am willing to share.

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  1. Great redevelopment, thank you for sharing your journey with Jesus. God bless you in Jesus' name!


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