15th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

After 15 years of a covenant marriage, my husband and I chose to renew our vows and have a celebration with family and friends. We were surrounded by so much love, joy and support. . .it's difficult to put into words. It was a celebration that will forever be written upon our hearts. 

It was such a beautiful day. . .special and sacred. Upon exchanging vows for the 2nd time, my husband and I had a better understanding of the sincerity of making a promise. Our love is no longer new, but has matured a bit over the years. Now there's a deeper understanding of loving, honoring, and cherishing. We've been through some things, weathered a few storms together, which made those vows all the more powerful. God has knit our hearts together, our day-to-day experiences like strands intertwined over time, difficult to tell were he stops and I begin. . .part of the oneness of marriage.

We have been richly blessed these 15 years with love, faithfulness, children. laughter, hope, and grace. Because of God's faithfulness, we give Him praise. We pray for many more years to come, that we may grow and continue trying to love each other in a way that reflects the character of God.

The kids (minus 1) ready to head out the door

A family shot (minus 2) before the ceremony began

Husband getting the little ones squared away

Me waiting with Baby Q for the start of the ceremony

Older kids walking in to be seated to the right

Walking into the ceremony with our littlest ones in tow
My favorite picture of us

Secret: the 3 younger ones had fruit snacks & raisins
waiting for them on their seats

My father-in-law, who is a minister, officiated the ceremony
Husband's tears up as we exchange promises

Sand ceremony: one bottle of sand for each person in our family
Husband and I are pouring the foundation

Several minutes and lots of pouring later, here's our family sand bottle

My own tears falling while 1 Corinthian 13 is read


Husband and I get the little ones in the wagon.
Notice Baby Q is gone. . .she started to cry during the sand pouring so my mother took her for me

We did it! We were so happy and emotional and overwhelmed by love all at the same time.
A moment we'll remember for always.
I hope that I captured the gist of our ceremony. To be honest, words and pictures just don't do the day justice, but it was worth the try to share it with you.

There were tons more pictures from the ceremony, as well as from the reception that followed. 

Rather than overwhelm you with more pictures, I will share a video tribute that was played during our reception. It tells our family's story, starting with how I met my husband.
I hope you enjoy!


  1. So sweet. Best wishes for many more wonderful years to come.

    1. Thank you so much, Jennifer! Same wishes to you and your Hubby!

  2. Rejoicing with you on 15 beautiful years. My husband and I celebrated our 30th back in February. Like you, we have weathered some storms, and our marriage is stronger because of it.

    You are a beautiful couple, and you have a beautiful family.

    Patti @ Embracing Home

    1. Congratulations, Patti, on 30 years of marriage...what a blessing! Thank you for kind words about my family. I love the name of your blog...I'll be sure to check it out. 😊

  3. What a beautiful love story. Thanks for sharing. My husband and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in a few weeks. I always love reading your posts.

    1. Tiffany, I am so sorry I didn't respond sooner! I hope you and your husband had a lovely anniversary. Congrats on 15 years of marriage!!

  4. Stacie,

    Many congratulations! Your video was just precious!!!

    Celebrating our 36th this year,

  5. Thank you so much, Kelley. Congrats on 36 years of marriage this year! What a blessing!!!!

  6. Congratulations on 16 years of marriage! I'all be celebrating 26 years this summer! I just discovered your blog and you have encouraged me so much, I too am a woman of color who believes in being a homemaker and homeschooling. My children are grown now, my youngest being 18, my older two 25 and 23. But I homeschooled them all and loved it! So keep doing what you're doing! You're an inspiration to many.

    1. Thank you, Emma, and congrats on your upcoming 26th year! What a blessing. I am so glad you found my little piece of the blogging world and it is such an encouragement to find a like-minded mama. Thank you for encouraging me with your kind comments. Glad to meet you!!

  7. It is a pleasure seeing your 15th wedding anniversary photos. You have a wonderful family. Each and every photograph shows the bond of your family. Our parent’s 30th wedding anniversary is also approaching very fast and we have planned a surprise party for them at the best LA event venues.


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