Take Me to the Water

Today I am thankful for baptism.

Today, my beautiful daughters, SJ and TM, were baptized.

Having already accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, today they followed their Lord in a believer's baptism.

"Buried in the likeness
 of His death;
raised in the likeness
of His resurrection."

I am so humbled and overjoyed at what the Lord is doing in their lives and to be able witness their faith in God.

They are not only my daughters, but they are also my sisters in Christ. Oh, happy day!

And what makes this memory even more special is that their grandfather (my dad-in-law, minister in our church) was blessed to baptize them.

I am so grateful! The words on this page are mere shadows of what is contained in my heart.

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Thank God for baptism.

"For if we have been united together in the likeness of His death, certainly we also shall be in the likeness of His resurrection. . ."
Romans 6:5

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Sisters once, and now again!


  1. Knowing are children are saved has to be by far one of the most wonderful thing to be grateful for. I can imagine why you can't put it into words.

    That must have also been exciting for their grandfather to have the privilege of baptizing them.

  2. How wonderful! Brought me to tears, Stacie! Praise Him!

  3. Oh Debbie!
    My words just don't do me justice. My greatest hope as a mom is that my children are saved and that they know the Lord for themselves.

  4. From Snowflakes to Hotcakes,
    Thank you! My heart is so full!

  5. Beautiful! I know your heart is overflowing with joy.

  6. What a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing it with us! May God continue to bless your family.

  7. Halleluja. Praise the Lord. I LOVE to see baptisms. What a special day for you and yours. Bless you all.

  8. Jennifer,
    Thank you. My cup runneth over...
    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Our Village is a Little Different,
    Thanks for your sweet words.
    God bless you as well.

  10. Lori,
    Yes, indeed! Baptisms are very special and I'm just so thankful.
    God bless you also!

  11. Praise the Lord. Jumping for joy with you.

  12. Thanks Vickie! I've been "jumping" all day. :o)

  13. Oh happy day! Your post made my heart skip a beat. Congrats to your family. What wonderful photos!

  14. Praise the Lord, Stacie~and love your pictures! THIS IS TRULY a blessed day! hugs!

  15. Wild Crickets,
    Yes, ma'am, a happy day indeed!
    Thank you for rejoicing with me!

  16. SisterTipster,
    It was such a great day!
    hugs to you.


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