30 Days Have Come and Gone

Today, I am thankful for this Gratitude Challenge.

I have enjoyed 30 wonderful days of counting my blessings. This challenge has shown me that everyday, I can choose to be thankful. God has so graciously blessed me that there is always something to appreciate in my life. From the HUGE things, like salvation and the precious gift of Jesus Christ; to the small things like my favorite tea and a good movie. I can always be thankful.

This challenge has also put me in the good company of other bloggers, women who are striving to be better wives, better mothers, and most importantly, better daughters of our King. I have been blessed to read your comments on my blog and to have you join me in my journey. I have been blessed to visit your blogs and read about the things and people you are thankful for. You ladies have been such an encouragement to me, reminding me even more of how much God has done.

God bless Brenda at Garden of Learning for this wonderful idea. It has been fun and has truly been something I'll always remember.

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Thank God for the blessings of this Gratitude Challenge.

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  1. Thank you for all of your great posts, and the chance to get to know you. It has been great, hasn't it?

  2. Our Village is a Little Different,
    It has been great! I'll be sure to stop through and visit. (I'm glad you do the homeschool reviews. . .it a big help!)

  3. Thanks, Lorie.
    I'll be getting in touch with you soon. . .

  4. I agree. Well said. See you on the Holiday Bliss tour. This should be just as fun and challenging each day :)

  5. Thanks, Vickie.
    Merry Christmas!!


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