Brother, Brother

Brother--he's just so smooth! LOL

Today, I am thankful for my brother.

I surely do love him!!!!!!!! We live in different states, and oh, how I miss him!

You see, he was my first best friend and my live-in playmate. Just the two of us.
I'm the big sister and he's MY little brother; yes, I thought he belonged to me the first few years of his life! And now that we're adults, he towers over me. He isn't so little, my little brother.

I'm thankful that we're siblings, thankful for our friendship, thankful for the memories we share. I'm thankful for the ways only he and I think certain things, phrases, and situations are absolutely HILARIOUS. And after all these years, we can crack up laughing about things that happened when we were just kids. I'm thankful for how we call each other simply to ask about a memory we shared (a song, a TV show, something someone said or did).

Brother at his College Graduation

My brother, my lifetime friend, my children's "cool" uncle. 

Thank God for my brother.

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  1. I really appreciate your post today about your brother~Thanks so much for sharing your special place in your heart for him!

  2. I love your post. I have two brothers, I love them both so much.

  3. SisterTipster,
    Thanks for commenting and joining me! My brother, I love him to pieces.

  4. Our Village is Little Different,
    Thanks! Brothers are the best!!!!!

  5. My mom said that when she brought my baby sister home, I claimed her right away and figured she was all mine. I was almost 5 and we have 2 brothers between us. Thanks for that memory.

  6. Vikckie,
    How sweet!! My oldest daughter was the same way with my younger 2. . .actually she's still like that and they are 7, 5, and 3. :o)


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