A big "thank you" to everyone who supported my post yesterday as I offered a piece of my testimony and how God began to bring me through a difficult situation.  The conclusion of my testimony is being featured at My Joy-Filled Life today:
In January of 2011, my husband and I made some decisions. Some new, some uncomfortable, some unpopular, but all exciting because they were the same--we decided to let go. . . let go of control, which my dear Husband has always said is nothing but an illusion. As one song says, "leave things up to Him Who is capable of knowing that victory is in His name!" Victory is in His Name, His will, His plan, His ways, His timing, not mine. 
We forged ahead, without plans. It was difficult, it was uncertain, it was hard--what is this strange land of leaving things up to Him Who is certainly more than capapable? We decided that we would praise God and be all the more thankful for the children God has given us. If He said 3 children was it, then thank You Lord that we have 3 children. If He said we could conceive again, then thatnk You Lord that you are allowing us the opportunity. We even thanked God (as crazy as it sounds) for the baby we lost, along with all of the struggles and for the pain. Thank You, Lord. We asked forgiveness for our inconsideration and ignorance, our thoughts when couples had no children yet, being so consumed with our own growing family while others grieved over the loss of a baby, or were unable to conceive. We couldn't see because we were self-focused--too much me, not enough Him. . .
You can finish reading the conclusion of A Mother's Confession: Of Sorrow and Joy (Part 2) and how God blessed my heart with joy at My Joy-Filled Life.
Hi Ladies!

Today, I am featured at My Joy-Filled Life, where Sarah runs a series called Mom 2 Mom Mondays: a place where women share their experiences about motherhood in hopes to encourage one another.

Today I am guest-posting my story from the past. Some of  you may recall this when I shared it before, but maybe not. I'm telling it again because through a difficult journey, God has done wondrous things. Here's a snippet:

So much has transpired. . .spiritually, emotionally, physically. . .Where do I begin? I want to share this. . .it may be broken, fragmented, too long, no pictures, but I need to let it out...may God bless someone else who knows this road I've traveled--may He be glorified.
In the Spring of 2010, the Lord allowed my husband and I to conceive. We were excited in many ways, but for many of the wrong reasons. Let me be clear that we wanted each and every child we were blessed to conceive, however, my heart wasn't altogether right. You see, I thought I had something to do with it. Yes, I know, of course I did, but to a very limited extent. Besides my Husband and I joining intimately as one, the rest is up to God.
However, I always thought I could control things. . . control when and where we'd be intimate so I could conceive when I thought I was most fertile. Plan and date and look at calendars on the best times to try, you know, when we were ready. I received and accepted the advice that my children must be "x" number of years apart, so I planned for that. "Eat a special diet, stay away from certain things, stand on your head after intimacy. . .you're sure to conceive." Without going into all the details (at least for now) of the many ways I tried to control things (because there were many ways), I think you get the picture. . .
To read the rest of this post about the ways God changed my heart, please join me at My Joy-Filled Life to read A Mother's Confession: Of Sorrow and Joy (Part 1).

A Bit of My Story

by on Monday, November 18, 2013
Hi Ladies! Today, I am featured at My Joy-Filled Life , where Sarah runs a series called Mom 2 Mom Mondays : a place where women share the...

As women, I think most of us will agree that we are certainly in touch with our emotions. That is the way God, our Creator, made us. And as women, we also know, that sometimes our emotions go from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes. Often times those surging emotions reflect negatively in our behavior: yelling at the kids, distant to the husband, cold shoulder to a friend, panic, etc. It isn't okay when we let our emotions get the best of us, causing us to respond in ways we aren't proud of.

In Unglued, Lysa TerKerurst explains that our "feelings are indicators, not dictators." No matter how real and sincere our feelings are, they do not get to control how we respond in life. Unglued shows women how to acknowledge what they're feeling without becoming explosive, raging or out of control.

Lysa identifies four ways we can react when our emotions become "Unglued":
  • Exploder that Blames Others
  • Exploder that Shames Herself
  • Stuffer that Builds Barriers
  • Stuffer that Collects Retaliation Rocks
After understanding what reaction type we are, Lysa then gives practical advice on how to deal with our emotions in a God-honoring way. She even gives templates for conversations, based on her own real-life experiences, that show how to respond. The key to every piece of advice Lysa gives is this: as Christian women, we have the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside, Who enables us to have self-control. The Holy Spirit provides our way of escape so we don't have to choose unfavorable responses to the stresses of life.

Normally, I'm not one for "self-help" books because they tend to distract me from the helpful truths already found in God's Word. (Just my own experiences; not a judgment against using self-help books!) However, I would say that, this was a great book, packed with useful and helpful ways to navigate stressful situations. I would recommend reading it!!!

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