My Relatives

Today I am thankful for my relatives!

During this Thanksgiving holiday, I am reminded of all my family back home and those across the states--my aunts, uncles and MANY cousins! Some have gone on to be with the Lord, but I miss them all, especially during times like this.

I love listening to my aunts and uncles get together, telling the most hilarious stories about when they grew up and about my grandparents. I love listening to their tips, their wisdom, their history. And then there are my cousins, my many wonderful cousins. Some are older than me and I always have looked up to them. Some are about my age and we have made so many memories together. Some times my cousins were like my siblings in many ways. We've always had SO much fun together; lots of joy and laughter.

I am blessed to have my extended family. I am blessed to have so many warm memories that keep me close to them, even though we're miles apart. [To my all of my relatives that may be reading: I love you and I miss you. Happy Thanksgiving!!!]

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Thank God for all my relatives!

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  1. I love my extended family, too. It's important to know where we came from, and to hear the stories. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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