Those In-Laws

Today I am thankful for Husband's family.

I don't really think of them as "in-laws" so to speak, but as part of my own family.

I thank God that when I moved to Husband's home state after getting married, they were here to welcome me. Although I miss my family back home, Husband's parents (Mother and Dad as we call them) have welcomed me in, shown me love and care. They have showered their love down on my children in such a special way and we are blessed for that. I feel like a daughter here.

It's also fun being a part of a larger family, as I gained 3 additional "siblings" (my sister-in-law and my brother-in-law and his wife), plus 2 nephews! We tend to have a lot of great laughs and funny stories told together. I have sweet memories here with my "in-laws."

I am thankful that my experiences have been this positive. Some stories I hear about "in-law troubles" are enough to make me cringe!!! Although we are not perfect, we do have the love of Jesus to see us through.

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Thank God for Husband's family, which is also my own!
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  1. I married into a larger family, too. And they are all my family too, now. Such a wonderful blessing.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!


  2. Soo glad you are so blessed! How wonderful! Have a great day! hugs!!

  3. Thanks ladies for your comments!
    I just pray that one day, my children's spouses will feel the same way!


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