The Day After

Today, I am thankful for the day after Thanksgiving!!

One tradition I started for our family is decorating our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.

Growing up, my family decorated our Christmas tree on any random day in December and sometimes it fell on Christmas Eve! My dad was always looking for a bargain on a real Christmas tree for my mom because she likes the smell of the fresh pine.

Well, Husband and I on the other hand, have a nice, big, fake Christmas tree! So I feel like, what's the wait? Let's get the tree up as soon as Thanksgiving is over! But because our children are young and since Husband is usually working this day, the responsibility to decorate was pretty much on me.

But this year, it was the kids who asked me first thing this morning, "Aren't we going to decorate the Christmas tree?!!" I thought, okay, so the kids are paying attention to my little tradition, huh? So, after eating breakfast and getting some laundry going, we pushed the Christmas tree box out of the garage into the house and got things started.

My children, even my 3 year old son, were diligent in helping me put the tree up and decorate it. Of course there were a few spots that had about 5 ornaments on one branch! LOL But who cares? My children were glad to do it and  it helped lighten my load. We turned on some Christmas music and took a couple of breaks to sing and dance, but in about 2 hours the tree was up and decorated!!

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Enjoy this beautiful holiday season!

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  1. It has become our tradition to put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving, too! It looks so pretty. I put up a few decorations, too, but that takes a few days to complete. I hope you're enjoying the Christmas spirit that putting the tree up brings.

  2. Our Village is a Little Different,

    We are enjoying the Christmas spirit already. I found more decorations and pulled them out, too! Happy decorating and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. HOW FUN~just wait when they are older and can do it themselves~mine did LOL! AND a pretty good job at that! LOL...amazing how much they learn! Glad it was so special! ;-))

  4. Aww, thanks, SisterT. We had a fun time. Merry Christmas!


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