Good Neighbors

Today, I am thankful for my neighbors.

In particular, my neighbors (a husband and wife) across the street. They are always kind and very friendly. Always smiling and never too busy for a quick "hello" or a 10-15 minute conversation at the end of the drive way. We look out for each other, keep up to date on the news in the neighborhood (such as the stray fox that keeps popping up in broad day light!). We've encouraged each other through some pretty tough times.

When it snows, we shovel our driveways together in hopes that we'll see each other before spring! (Especially with the 3 blizzards we had last winter!) A few days ago we had terrible gusting winds and a pretty large branch from one of our trees broke. This morning, Husband was out with all his "manly" tools taking care of the branch. When I peeked out to check on him, there was our neighbor pitching in to lend a hand. Mind you, he's advanced enough in years to be our dad and is battling a few health concerns. But yet, there he was helping us out. (I see a homemade pound cake in their future! LOL) Neighbors, you gotta love them!

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart
and with all your soul
and with all your mind
and with all your strength.
The second is this:
Love your neighbor as yourself.
There is no commandment greater than these.”
-Mark 12:30, 31

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Thank God for my neighbors.

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  1. Good neighbors are so important! We too have always had good neighbors with the exception of just one place that we have lived through the years.

  2. The Unsell Family,
    Aren't good neighbors a blessing?!
    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. That really is a blessing. I've had both. Neighbors who never spoke with me, and neighbors who were like family. It's much nicer to know your neighbors are looking out for you!

  4. How nice! Neighbors like that are just wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. More frequent posts to come. ;) On a completely different subject.....I hope your homeschooling journey is going well. :)

    Jennifer @

  5. I love your sweetness, Stacie! Thanks for sharing about your neighbors, and I betting they are thankful for YOU! HUGS!

  6. Our Village is a Little Different,
    Yep. I've had the neighbors who've acted as though we don't exist! I've also had the ones that were just a bit too forward. :O) But it is sucha blessing to have good-hearted people to live around.

  7. Jennifer,
    I'm glad to "hear" from you!!
    Thanks for stopping by and I'll keep you updated.

  8. SisterTipster,
    Aww, thank you! You are so kind. Have a great day and hugs to you.


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