Count Your Blessings

Gratitude Challenge November 2010
hosted by Garden of Learning


Okay Ladies. Here we go again--I'm signing up for yet another challenge! I discovered it at a blog I'm fond of, The Midlife Housewife. Please feel free to join me or follow along. Here's how it works:

For the month of November, a month in which we're reminded to give thanks, I'll make a post each day about something I'm grateful for. It may be something small, it may be something huge, it may even be just a picture, a thought, or a song. All in all, at the end of this month, my prayer is that the Lord will use this challenge to cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving in my household. It is far too easy to take what we have (and even what we don't have) for granted. A song my Granny used to sing says it like this:
...Count your blessings, name them one by one.
Count your many blessings see what God has done!

There's so much the Lord has done, I almost don't know where to start.

Today, I will start with the most obvious. I thank God for my family. They have blessed my life in so many fabulous ways, that my heart can barely contain it.

{Husband: for teaching me many new things under your leadership.
SJ: for giving me my first chance at motherhood and being so accommodating.
TM: for your sweetness and letting me see myself in so many ways.
JR: for your companionship, even at an early age, you're a great friend.
All of you: for giving me gut-wrenching laughs on just about a daily basis.}

I suppose there would be no room if I listed all the ways they've touched my life. I hope my writings on this blog in some way let them know how dear they are to me. Thank God for my family.


  1. What a sweet, sweet post! Family is truly one of the greatest blessings our God has given to us. I had to smile at the Count Your Blessings song. I love that one. Now it is stuck in my head. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Hi Brenda, thanks for stopping by. Yes, "Count Your Blessings" is one that will stay in your head for a while! LOL This was a great idea and I'm glad to be a part of it. Take care.

  3. LOL I'm singing now too.

    This is a beautiful post! So glad you are joining in the challenge.

  4. wonderful! I am posting back regarding the comment you left me on butter making. You start off using 2 cups of heavy cream and it looks about 1 1/2 cups of butter made in the can surely double the's fun and daughter loved it...Blessings to you, Mica at the Child's paper

  5. LOL, Lorie! My daughter and I "counted" 10 blessing together tonight while I washed her hair. I had the song stuck in my head too, so we decided to start counting. LOL

  6. Mica, thanks for visiting here to post your response!! I will be back to ask more questions; I'm sure I'll have some, I've never made butter before...


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