What a Friend. . .(Music Monday's)

No Idle Bread

What A Friend We Have in Jesus--this is one of my favorite hymns; it is just so encouraging. . .we sang it in church yesterday.

Here is just a snippet of a "fun" version that I remember someone singing in my church when I was a little girl. . . it combines my 2 favorite portions of this song. . .

What a friend we have in Jesus,
All our sins and griefs to bear.
What a privilege it is to carry,
Everything to God in prayer.

O, what peace we often forfeit.
O, what needless pain we bear.
All because we do not carry,
Everything to God in prayer.

Have we trials and temptations?
Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged;
Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Can we find a friend so faithful?
Who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness;
Take it to the Lord in prayer.

I was trying to record the song
and these are the faces my son was making! :)
Remember, you have a Friend 'til the end.
Jesus said ". . .lo, I am with you always,
even unto the end of the world." (Matthew 28:20)
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Stacie,
    One of my favorite hymns that I learned as a child in Sunday school. Thanks for singing it for us! Wonderful.

  2. Thank you, Jennifer.

    There's nothing like a good hymn!

  3. I hum this song all the time. My voice isn't as sweet as yours, so I tone it down around people. :)

    Your little boy is precious! Made me smile:)

  4. Totally enjoyed this! Thanks for sharing your beautiful voice.


  5. Hey Kristin,

    Thanks, you're so sweet!

    My little boy was making some hilarious faces; I couldn't even keep a straight face! LOL

  6. Hi Lorie,

    I'm so glad you liked this; it is definitely a favorite.

    Hugs to you, too, my friend.

  7. I have so been wanting to hear you sing since you started posting your Monday Music but since I have dial up I thought it would take too long to load. I was determine to at least try today - and with some success! - Your singing sounds just as lovely as I imagined it would. The Lord has really blessed with with a great talent. I'm so glad I got to hear it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Aww, Debbie, you're too kind! Thank you very much, and to God be all the Glory. Usually, I post a song (that someone else sings) that really speaks to my heart. But, when I'm having trouble finding one, then I use what God has given me.

    Take care!

  9. I Live in an AntbedJune 7, 2011 at 10:34 AM

    Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!! He has blessed you with a gorgeous voice and I love how you bless Him by using it to bring Him Glory!!

    Too funny--the faces! You did very well to get through it without bursting into hysterical, uncontrollable giggles. :)

  10. Hi Stacie,

    Growing up, we had "older" people leading the hymns. It didn't sound like yours! I enjoyed it and was delightfully enlightened(: Thanks lady!

  11. Thank you, Anne; yes, God is due all the praise!

    And, honestly, I couldn't make it through with out laughing. . . which is why I finally recorded during his nap time! :)

  12. Mrs. Gertha,

    How's it going? I pray you are well!

    You are too funny, but I know what you mean! Thank you for listening.

    Take care.

  13. Stacie,

    You might start smiling at me when I say this, but you look SO cute singing this song. :) Also, I'm surprised that you were didn't start laughing while singing as your son was making all those silly faces, tee hee. :)

    Anyway, this was a beautiful song. I love to hear your voice singing. You truly have a musical gift. If you heard me singing, you would need to plug your ears, ha, ha! :)


    -L. Rose

  14. Hi Stacie,
    Lovely as usual, Princess!!! :) Such a blessing to all who listens.
    Love you.

  15. Oh yeah, by the way my granson is a hoot!!!! :)

  16. Lady Rose,

    LOL--you're right, but thanks! Yeah, I couldn't record until after he was taking a nap because I kept laughing. My son is truly a funny little guy.

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It means a lot to me. God is good!

  17. Hey Mom,

    Thank you, darling! LOL

    Yes, your grandson is a handful--always keeping me with a smile on my face.

    Nice picture :o)

    Love you, too.


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