No Idle Bread

The song choice for today is one that ushers in an attitude of worship. The words are beautiful and really make me think of what Jesus is to me.

The worship style of the singers in the video may be eclectic or charismatic to some, maybe--maybe not. If the video is distracting to you, please just listen to the music. (I put the words at the bottom.)

What the Lord asks is that we worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). This song stops me in my tracks, and I have to praise Him right where I am--whatever the circumstance, Jesus is Everything to me. May your hearts be blessed and may God be glorified.








One of the "projects" on my to-do list was to tackle my refrigerator--cleaning AND organizing. It was out of control!! The inspiration for this project was my lovely blogging friend, Lady Rose. . . click here to see what inspired me.

B E F O R E . . .

I'd just started cleaning the top-left shelf,
then I remembered to snap a pic.

A F T E R . . .

Much better!

I've been accustomed to putting foods and drinks in the 'fridge any way they could fit. Other than using the meat, fruit, and veggie drawers, nothing else was organized. Things were just put in where ever they found a spot. Bread all over the place, leftovers among the water pitchers. Sad. . . I know. Even when I clean my refrigerator out in general, it never occurred to me to keep it organized, similar to the way I keep my pantry shelves. Please, don't ask why. But here's to turning over a new leaf. :o)  (I did the same for my freezer, too!)

A big thank you to my daughters for all of their unsolicited help--I sincerely was thrilled to have assistance. (Even my son "helped" every now and again in between all of the imaginary battles he fought today!)

And a sweet thank you to Lady Rose for inspiring me!

Ahhh! A Clean Refrigerator

by on Friday, June 24, 2011
One of the "projects" on my to-do list was to tackle my refrigerator--cleaning  AND organizing . It was out of control!! The ins...

Our family has a small and unusual garden. We are growing bell peppers (green, red, and orange), Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bush beans (green beans). We also had some spinach and collard greens at one point, but they've run their course. Anyway, what is so unusual about these vegetables?

We have them all growing in pots. Yes, planting pots! (Don't laugh too hard!!)

Here's the deal: we are not gardeners or farmers and have so much to learn about growing food. We haven't yet wanted to tackle the challenge of creating a gardening space in the back yard, tilling the land, and warding off little critters (including our own 3 dogs). But, we do enjoy fresh veggies here and there. So, for now we plant in pots. . . an idea we borrowed from our neighbor who grows tomatoes every year in big, green planting pots of his own. :o)

Here are few pics of our "garden". . . .

The Romaine lettuce that just keeps growing. . .
we've been sharing with family and friends.

See those peppers mixed in with the leaves?

This tomato plant is HUGE--really unruly!
I couldn't really get it all in the frame of my poor little camera.
But, look at that tomato almost ready for my salad!
Look closely. . . it may be hard to see. . .
but, there are a few green beans growing.

Another unruly "subject," our cucumber plant. . .
it's sprawling all over the place.

New cucumbers growing, but. . .
. . .here's our first pick!

So, to all those that may be challenged in the area of gardening, like I am. . . there's hope. . . because there are planting pots! :o)

Our Unusual Garden

by on Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Our family has a small and unusual garden. We are growing bell peppers (green, red, and orange), Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and...

Hello out there in the blogging world. It's me. . .Stacie. . .from No Idle Bread! :o)

It has been another busy stretch of months for the family and me. The schedule has been full and pretty hectic. So, I just wanted to share just a few of the things that have been going on. .  .

  • Our girls FINALLY completed the school year--it seems like it took FOREVER!! My goodness. I am so happy. So now, we officially have a 3rd grader and 1st grader in the house. It was a long, but very successful school year. I am pleased with the hard work and effort they've put in. There's so much I could "brag" on about their successes academically, but I'm thinking that's not so appropriate. Just know that I'm thankful to God and I am one proud Mama!
    My daughter "TM" before her kindergarten graduation. 
    Husband and the children after the graduation ceremony.
    TM has on glasses that spell "GRAD"!
    I'm not sure what type of face my son is making. . .
    as you know, he loves making faces.
  • Husband and I finally got to share some long awaited news with the children: WE WILL OFFICIALLY BEGIN OUR FIRST YEAR OF HOMESCHOOLING THIS FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, I know that was in all CAPS, and no, I'm not "yelling" at you per se, but I am shouting it from the roof tops!!) The children were pretty excited and began to pick a name for our school right away, complete with school colors and a mascot!! LOL So far, we've settled on a name and colors, but the mascot has ranged from camels to gold fish, from lions to emus, from polar bears to schnauzers! Even gorillas!!! LOL I'd say we still have some thinking to do on that.

  • Husband has been working on our schooling space. . .I know there are homeschoolers that are for a designated space and some that are for schooling all over the place. Me? I don't know--we'll see. For now, Husband has been preparing a space for us. Where, you ask? Well, the previous owners of our home built a work shed right outside our laundry room, complete with insulation, electric and phone. However, it was a work shed, which was poorly wired, and my Husband was just itching to have it converted into something else. So, the work shed will become our school room, with proper electrical wiring, new dry wall, etc. (Thanks, Husband!) Our current home is limited on storage space so, I'm thinking I'll be grateful a place to put our schooling materials . . .
    Husband says the door and windows will be replaced eventually.

    Insulation and new wiring. . .
    Drywall (sheet rock) waiting to be hung! 
  • We have continued our swim practice every week, and have done so for a whole year straight! I can't believe it! We think swimming is an important skill, and personally, I don't want my kiddos to wait until adulthood to learn how. . .ahem. . .like their mother did! What I'm happiest about is that from oldest to youngest, they are able to see their own progress and are encouraged to stick with it.
Well, that's most of what's been happening around here. . .

I'm so grateful to God that the summertime is here and that my schedule is much lighter now. (It seems that my daughters' school had 1,000 events to close the school year out---YIKES!!) I am looking forward to some deep housework--sounds crazy, but we've been a bit frazzled over the past few weeks and I'm craving the peace that an orderly home provides.
I'm also looking forward to posting more often. . .there's a lot on my heart that I'm thinking/praying about, that I'd like to share.

Take care, my friends!

What's Been Going On??

by on Monday, June 20, 2011
Hello out there in the blogging world. It's me. . .Stacie. . .from No Idle Bread! :o) It has been another busy stretch of months for ...

No Idle Bread

What A Friend We Have in Jesus--this is one of my favorite hymns; it is just so encouraging. . .we sang it in church yesterday.

Here is just a snippet of a "fun" version that I remember someone singing in my church when I was a little girl. . . it combines my 2 favorite portions of this song. . .

What a friend we have in Jesus,
All our sins and griefs to bear.
What a privilege it is to carry,
Everything to God in prayer.

O, what peace we often forfeit.
O, what needless pain we bear.
All because we do not carry,
Everything to God in prayer.

Have we trials and temptations?
Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged;
Take it to the Lord in prayer.

Can we find a friend so faithful?
Who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness;
Take it to the Lord in prayer.

I was trying to record the song
and these are the faces my son was making! :)
Remember, you have a Friend 'til the end.
Jesus said ". . .lo, I am with you always,
even unto the end of the world." (Matthew 28:20)
Have a wonderful day!
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