What a Day!

I am thankful for a great pediatrician who cares about my kids.

I am thankful that I made my way safely to a different pharmacy without getting lost.

I am thankful that my children have medicine for what ails them.

I am thankful that I remained calm.

I am so thankful to be sitting here right now, resting.

I am so thankful that my family is in the room with me, keeping up family "noise."

A busy day, but still a day that the Lord has made.

I will follow suit and rejoice and be glad in it.

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  1. I hope that whatever is wrong with the children is minor, and that they are feeling better soon. I have a great Ped, too, and he is such a blessing to us. I pray that you all get a good night's rest.

  2. Thanks for your prayers. All minor ailments, praise the Lord!


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