Our First Day of School. . .at Home!!!

In the days just before school started, we'd been through an earthquake, the passing of tropical storm due to hurricane Irene and were without electricity for a few days. Overall, we handled it pretty well, but my poor son. . .he had a harder time understanding everything. I mean, one day the earth is shaking and then a few days later, it seems the wind and the rain won't stop.

Every day since the earthquake, he tells me, "I don't love earthquakes!" and he asks if "our house is cracking" because of all the shaking it did. And every now and then, he asks me if our lights still work and reminds me that "rain came in our house." Never mind that any "cracks" are because our house is almost 50 yrs. old; and that "the rain came in" only because the patio door was open!

Praise God, all is well and the first day of school finally arrived!!! Bright and early Monday morning, we were still ready to learn and we did just that. Although we've only been homeschooling for a few days, it just feels right. While I don't have every single, little, detail worked out just yet, we are having a good time getting there. I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Here are some pics of our 1st day!!!

My precious babes outside the school room door.

TM, my very happy 1st grader!

SJ; I can't believe she's in 3 grade already.
(Insert Mommy tear here!)

JR trying to sign the letter "K"since he's in K-4
(pre-k, or whatever other fancy thing we want to call it!)

Kiddos ready to learn by candlelight. . .as you can see,
JR is not too happy about the candles! LOL

The sun is shining brighter, we blew the candle out, and it's snack time.
Smiles all around!

Girls doing a bit of free reading time. . .

. . . while JR and I work on math (with his blue "Diego" hat, of course!).

I'm keeping a nature journal along with the kids.
We'll see how it goes!

Sleepy Mama at the end of our school day. :)
I know, lots of pictures, right??? Actually there are more, but why so many?

You see, I realize that every day won't be "peaches and cream," every day will not go as I planned. So, when our 1st "less than perfect" day comes, I can look back on these pictures and remember the reasons why we chose this path. They are so worth it!!!!


  1. Oh, I fondly remember those precious early years.

    Even the bad days are good when you are all together.

    Blessings on your exciting journey.

  2. Congratulations on your very first homeschool day!!! So exciting! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  3. Exciting time!!! Y'all are going to do such a great job. And you're right, there will be "those days." But His Grace is Sufficient!!!! :) Think l o n g t e r m results. It's a marathon, not a sprint and you will be amazed "how far you've come" as all those tiny little baby steps begin to add up. Blessings on your day, on your schooling, on your children, and on YOU!! :)

  4. Hi Lorie,

    A big "thank you" for the advice you gave me months ago when all of this was so new to me.

    God bless you,

  5. Thanks, Jacinda!

    We are excited.

  6. Hi Anne,

    Thank you for such positive words! His Grace is totally sufficient and I'm so glad about that.

    I love the advice of thinking in longer term results, that thought will be filed in my mommy brain for sure.

    Take care,

  7. Looks like a wonderful start to a happy homeschooling year. You're right, they won't all be great, but don't let those days get you down. You were wise to take those happy pictures and there will be many of those too! Trust in the Lord every step, He'll direct your path and provide you with all you need to teach your children. Best wishes and Happy Homeschooling!

  8. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for the wisdom. I'm so glad to have found you and your blog on homeschooling. It is an encouragement to me.

    Tusting in the Lord is paramount.
    Happy Homeschooling to you as well.

  9. OK, I tried this once and I think it erased. It looks like a great 1st day of school. I want to let you know I miss you all terribly. It isn't the same in the morning. I miss everyone, and especially J Riley's ice cream. Please hug all the kids and yourself from me. Maybe I can come be a guest reader one day! Keep up the good work.
    Mrs. Hogan aka Emily

  10. Oh, take lots of pictures. I made a yearbook every year for each son and we have them from K-10th grade. It's so much fun now to look back to each grade and look not only at the paper work but especially the pictures! :)

    Happy Schooling!

  11. This was so fun to read! Love all the pictures. :) I think I'll do the same thing and load up on the peaceful and happy day pictures so the rough days can be smoothed out by them. Prayed just now for your strength and rest, and that joy would fill your home even on the shaky days. :)

  12. E M I L Y!!!

    Aww, thank you for such sweet words--it means a lot. You are certainly dear to our hearts; we have a ton of good memories with you. I will be in touch!!

  13. Kristin,

    A yearbook is such a good idea!!! I might give that a try. I love looking back on how my kids have grown, so I think making a yearbook is a wonderful idea!!


  14. Proverbial Homemaker,

    Thanks for stopping by. (I love your "name" by the way!)

    Thanks so much for your prayers; prayers are always welcomed and greatly appreciated around here. :)

    Take care.

  15. Hi Stacie,

    Your homeschooling journey is looking good lady(:!!! I truly enjoyed viewing your pictures and reading the captions.

    You have the right attitude and I know ya'll will have a productive and extraordinary homeschooling experience!!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    Take care!

  16. Aww, Gertha. You're so sweet. Thank you so much. Please keep us in prayer.

  17. Stacie,
    I was just looking another mother blogger and I found you. Your words are very encouraging.

  18. Hi Sara,

    Nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by.

    Take care,

  19. Look at you girl! What a wonderful first day! Stay encouraged and trust God! Love the pictures! I made a nature journal too, but...haven't put much in it! You just inspired me to get back to nature with the kids and actually journal it! have you checked out the hanbookofnaturestudy.blogspot.com? It's amazing! I would link it, but I don't know how! Told ya I was new to this, hah! Anyway, thanks for sharing your day!

    Blessings and FAITH!

  20. Genyne,
    Thanks for letting me know about that blog. . .I have a reminder in my planner to look for a book by the same (similar?) name. I'll be checking the blog out though.

    My kids were so disappointed last week because it rained (more like flooded!) every, single, day, so had to skip our nature walks. We subsituted with some nature shows on PBS, but it's just not the same. I'm sure we'll be outside this week though!

  21. Stacie - I'm a little late to the party (our own school year started here at the beginning of August, and I've been playing catch up ever since) but your son made me smile so much with his, "I don't love earthquakes" comment. You can tell him that there aren't very many people who DO love earthquakes!!! :-) What a sweetie!

  22. Snowflakes to Hotcakes,

    That is okay! Good to "hear" from you.

    Thank you; my boy is a sweetie pie!

    Take care and enjoy your school year.

  23. Look at those beautiful babies! So, how did your first month go? I am in my 5th year of homeschooling. Jonaya is in the 3rd grade and Ian is in preschool, but I have started Kindergarten curriculum with him. Let me know if there is anything that I can help you with.

  24. Hi Desiree!

    My first month went really well. I am so thankful. It's funny because, while I don't know everything, it seems like we've been doing this forever. It just feels right and my kiddos are happy. It's a blessing!

    Thanks for offering help; I'm sure I'll need some ideas along the way.

  25. The best part of blogging is being able to look back at our previous days. This post made me smiled as I get ready to diligently move through this day. Praying that your day will go well, also, my friend :)

    1. LATONYA!!!! Thank you for commenting on this because it brightened my day. I'm so glad you brought this first day of homeschooling to my attention. It was fun to take a quick walk down memory lane. I pray that your day will go well and that God will meet you right in your homeschool today.


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