I'm Joining the Party!!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

My good blogging friend over at God... it's me, Gertha!! told me about a blog party going on.

Susan and Janice are hosting The Ultimate Blog Party at http://www.fiveminutesformom.com/ as a way to meet other bloggers, create friendships, and of course find new blogs to read!!! (I'm #247 under "Christian and Religious Blogs")

I'm supposed to give new readers a bit of an idea of what my blog is about. Here we go!

I am a daughter of the Most-High God and am blessed to have Jesus Christ as my Savior. I am a wife of almost 10 years to a wonderful man God called to be my Husband. We have 3 wonderful blessings we call our children, SJ (8), TM (6), and JR (3). This blog is a place were I share my joys, my struggles, my triumphs, my blessings, my goals; the things I've learned and the things I have to go back and study again (and again!). It is my hope that my blog is a place were other Christian wives and mothers are encouraged and will share some of their wisdom with me.

Have fun at the party!!!!


  1. Welcome to the party! Hope you have a fun week and make lots of sweet new friends!

    Stop by and say hi when you get the chance. See you then!

  2. I am your newest follower from UBP. I look forward to poking around here a bit more. It sounds like an exciting blog. I am a new wife and mother (14 month old and one on the way) - I love blogs for Christian wives.

  3. Hi Amy,

    This is my first time at the blog party and it's been fun so far.

    Thanks for visiting me!

  4. A Little R&R,

    Thanks so much for joining me here. I hope you find something you can use or leave me with something I can use!

    Congrats on being a new wife and mom. . .It's a wonderful calling!

    Take care,

  5. Hi! I found you from the UBP. Hope you're having as much fun as I am with it!

    Hope you have a blessed weekend.

    And I'm on your GFC now.

  6. Lovely to meet you, Stacie, through ubp. I am finding so many sweet young moms on here. I am a sweet old mom and loved parenting.Keep up the great work.


    Gg - Notes on the Journey #269

  7. Hi Stacie! Glad you made it to the party(: Thank you for mentioning me! Have fun!

  8. Hi Glenda, welcome!

    Nice to meet you as well. I'm going to visit your blog. . .I love learning from "sweet old moms" as you put it. :o)

    God bless you! Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Gertha,

    You're welcome, but you don't have to thank me, girl. It's no problem.

    There are SO MANY blogs out there. Whew!!

    Talk to you soon!

  10. Hi Amy,

    I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner--I'm trying to keep up with all this blog partying going on.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. I'll be over to visit you as well.

    Take care!

  11. Stacie,
    Sweet, sweet blog! Love the birds on the side of your posts. Sounds as if you have some good stuff happening here.

    Clicked over from the Blog Party!

  12. Hi Stacie,
    I'm just a little blogger trying to make some friends! The title of your blog pulled me in to take a closer peek because it is a verse that has been on my heart lately. I'm going to look around a bit and see what you got going on here!

  13. Oops that last comment from Benjamin was actually from me-- April from www.mythreerivershome.blogspot.com Ben is my husband and I was logged in under his account accidentally. ;)

  14. You have such a lovely blog!
    Stopping by from UBP. Nice to meet you!


  15. Hi Amy,

    Thank you for your sweet comments about my blog. I'm glad you stopped by to visit!

    Take care and have fun with the "Party!"

  16. April, LOL!

    Thanks for clearing that up for me! :)

    I'm glad you stopped by to look around. I hope you're encouraged in some way.

    I'll be over soon to visit you. Take care!

  17. Thanks for stopping by and joining me in my journey, Marcia!

    I'll be over to check out your homeschooling site! I need a few tips. . .

    Take care,

  18. Love the birds on your blog. So sweet!
    Enjoy the UBP!!

  19. Thanks, Christa!

    Nice to "meet" you; glad you stopped by!

  20. Hi Stacie! Great blog! I love the name. I've never really paid much attention to that verse, but now I will! I can't wait to read more because your blog sounds so great!




  21. Hi Sydney,

    Welcome to my blog! I'm glad to have you.

    Thanks so much for your sweet words. I'll be over to visit your sites as well.

    Take care,

  22. Hi! I'm stopping by from the UBP - trying to visit all on the link for Christian blogs by the end of the day (but I'm not going straight down the list so I still have quite a few to go!). I'm #73 (Being Made New - http://tinahollenbeck.blogspot.com). I hope you might be able to pop in at my place sometime soon.

  23. Hi Tina,

    That's so kind of you to try to visit all of the Christian blogs! I will defintely be over to visit you.

    I'm glad you stopped by. Take care!


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