A Very Special Lady

Today, I am thankful for my Mother.

My Mom,

Mom with TM (2mo. old) and SJ (2yrs. old)
"Mommy" when I miss her and need her badly and a long distance phone call isn't enough.

"Abuela" to my children ("Bluela" when they were learning how to say the word!).

"Oh---Abuela!!" as Husband says to her when he's up to something funny. 

My Mom,
Always in my corner.

Forever pleading to the Father on my behalf and my family as well.

Mom and me,
when my family took a surprise trip to visit her and Dad.
My Mom,

A very good friend,
Through thick and thin.

Listens to ALL of my questions and thoughts, even the tough ones!

Takes all of my calls (except when that cell phone of hers is on the fritz!) at any hour.

I love her!

Thank God for my Mother.

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  1. This is so sweet. What a wonderful post.

  2. Thanks, Debbie! I'm off to see what you're thankful for since I noticed you're doing the challenge, too.


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