Making Clay Tablets

Need clay?

We did! So I wanted to share with you the recipe I used. I looked at several different ones online. Some ingredients I had, some I didn't, so I decided to improvise. Here is what I used to make our clay.

2C Flour
2C Water
1/2C Salt
2TBS Oil
(we used baby oil for the scent,
but cooking oil works, too)
1TBS Baking soda
1TBS Baking powder
A few drops of food coloring

Add food coloring to the water and boil. Remove from heat and mix in the oil. Mix dry ingredients in a separate bowl and slowly add in the water/oil liquid. Mix well and let cool. Once cool, knead until it feels like clay. If you want to keep your clay creations, bake them at 300-350 degrees for an hour or so to harden. You can also use the clay as Play-Doh if you like--my kids got a kick out of it!

So why did we need clay, you ask . . .

Well, in our study of Ancient History, we learned that the Sumerians wrote on clay tablets in a script called cuneiform. So, as a history project, we decided to make our own tablets. Once the kids wrote their word or message, I put the tablets in the oven to harden; the Sumerians would've let their tables dry in the sun, of course. :) Here are some pics!

Young scribes at work. . .
Girls using the end of paint brushes
to "write" on their tablets.

His didn't remain a tablet; it went back to a ball of clay!

Clay Tablets

"I love Dad and Mom"

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  1. Thank you for your post! I've been looking for ways to make cuneiform tablets using homemade dough for a homeschooling project. God bless!


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