Is My Home a Haven? (Week #4)

I can't believe we are in the last full week of October already! My, time is FLYING!! This challenge always seems to come right on time in my life--right in the midst of a lot going on. Why is October always busy??? Things that make you go: "Mmmm?" At any rate, it has been a blessing to intentionally take the time to slow down, pray, sing a song of praise on purpose and usher the God of Peace into my home.

It's a blessing because my family notices, too. My daughter has said to me, "Mommy, I just love being part of a family!" Aww, insert mommy tears here! What a lovely thing to say. Thank you, Jesus, because she feels secure, happy and loved in our home. I also told my husband that I was doing this challenge and he teasingly said, "Yes, and another way to make your home a haven is to put pumpkins around the house. . ." LOL!!! He was referring to the fall decorations I put up . . . I love the fall season! Although he was kidding, he has noticed my efforts to create a cozy atmosphere. . . pumpkins and all! :o)

Here's one of my little "pumpkin" displays on our wood stove.
Click HERE to find out how to make your own pumpkins!

So, moving on to this week's tasks, which are all about adding tender moments:
1) Think of ways to create some family time: pillow fights, game nights, movie time; whatever special moments you want to create.
2) Add some tender touches: hugs, kisses, back rubs, holding hands; whatever communicates gentleness and love for your family.
3) Continue last week's tasks.

Well this hasn't been too much of a challenge, because we generally are a lovey-dovey family. But it has been fun to lay on an extra dose of lovin' around here! My younger daughter has probably enjoyed this the most. She is my most tactile child, her sense of touch is keen. She loves fabrics and textures and is very affectionate. But with all of my children, my extra hugs have been returned with random hugs and kisses of their own. Out of nowhere, I am blessed with an "I love you, Mommy" or "Hugs, please!"

I've also been able to share some tender moments with Husband as well. On Monday, he came home from work early, and my normal start to dinner is about an hour later. So, he ate a snack while I finished sweeping, and then we sat down on the couch to just flat-out cuddle, hold hands and talk. The kids were up, running around and playing. And in the midst of it, there we sat, enjoying each other's company. So sweet! Then last night, we watched a TV show that we both enjoyed, no computers, no phone calls, just him and me, and 2 bowls of ice cream! All impromptu moments, but seizing those moments is what was important.

As for some fun family time, today my kids and I had a pajama day! Last night my son requested one and I told him, yes! We finished up all of our schooling early and ate lunch on blankets spread on the living room floor. We do something like this every now and then and my children always get a kick out of it. We also watched the Prince of Egypt (great movie for children about Moses!).

Doing school work in their PJs . . . the joys of homeschooling!

Yes, Mommy participated in pajama day, too!

SJ cheesin' at lunch time!

JR and TM mesmerized by the movie!

So that's been the happenings around here. I encourage you all to seize the little moments to be tender with your family. It doesn't have to be big, outlandish, or planned way in advance. I think anytime is a good time for a hug, a compliment, or a gentle pat on the back.


  1. My 6 year old loves her pajamas with feet in them. She wears them all the time (I make her get dressed if we go out). She will get up and change into a clean pair so when I ask her to get dressed she reply's "I put on clean ones!"....Oh well, they are only little once. Another reason to love homeschooling.

  2. Hi Lisa!

    You are so right. . .they are only little once! We have to enjoy every bit of it!!

    Take care,


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