I Really LIKE My Husband

Today is day 3 of the Time-Warp Wife's 31 Days of Love Challenge, where wives are encouraged to love their husbands each day.

Today, the blog post title was, "Do You Like Your Husband?" And I must say, YES!!! I mean a loud, resounding, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I love him. . .he is an awesome provider, a wonderful, loving father, and a sweet, sweet husband.

But in addition to these things, I can say, that I LIKE him. He is my very best friend. He has seen me at my absolute worse and always pushes me to do my best. He makes me laugh every. single. day. No, really, ladies. . .literally. It can be about something that may have happened during the day or something that happened years ago--but he can always make me laugh. And I'm not talking a little polite giggle here or there. I'm talking the gut-wrenching, tear-falling, laid-out-on-the-floor laughing!

Another thing that develops our friendship is keeping each other involved in our personal interests. For example, he knows about my little piece of the blogging world and he shows interest by listening to my thoughts, offering suggestions, and sometimes reading other blogger's posts with me. I ask him how my blog design looks and tell him when I find new gadgets or widgets to add. He even asks me about some of my readers that I've grown close to and have formed friendships with. It's important to me and I shared it with him, and so it builds our friendship.

Our faces tinted blue from the computer screen! LOL
(Photo taken one winter a couple of years ago.)

On the other hand, my husband loves football. He was a very successful football player in high school and in college and so it's in him! So every fall, we watch tons of football. But I honestly don't mind. You want to know why? Because my husband took the time to explain the game to me. (Yes, I was clueless about football when we first met!) He's pretty passionate about it, and he wanted to share that with me. Even now, I still have questions and he ALWAYS explains it to me. That keeps me interested, and so it builds our friendship.

I'm thankful that my husband and I are in love and that we genuinely LIKE each other!!

In what ways do you and your husband build your friendship within your marriage?
For a few ideas, check out today's post at the Time-Warp Wife.

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  1. Hi Stacie, thanks for coming to visit me. You had me cracking up because I can picture you on the floor laughing. My husband is the same way. You guys are such a cute couple. Love the pic. I look forward to keeping up with you and getting to know you better. It looks like we have a lot of common ground.

  2. Hi Desiree,

    I'm glad you stoped by and joined me on my journey. Thank you for your sweet words about our random pic! LOL

    I'm glad to meet you and I'll stay in touch!

    Take care,

  3. Stacie,

    No problem. I think you might be my long lost sister. The more I read the more I see how much we have in common. Crochet, home school, PURPLE, natural hair journey, etc. Have a great rest of the weekend.


  4. Aww, thanks for reading about little ol' me! :)

    Yes, I love purple, even my bridesmaids' dresses were purple. And now, my oldest daughter is into purple, too!

    As for the natural hair journey, it has been such a freeing experience for me. I really hope to teach my daughters that what God gave them is already beautiful. We'll have to swap natural hair "how-to's" because I'm still learning.

    Take care, Des.

  5. What a beautiful post. OS many blogs I visit complain about their husband. Thanks for this! I would love it if you'd link this up on my blog carnival Family Time Tuesday!


  6. Hi Janice,
    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. I don't mind linking up.

    Take care!


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