Let it Snow. . . in October?

Yes, my dear friends, it's snowing where I live!

None of us can believe our eyes. . .after a morning of cold wind and rain, the snow is now falling.
A view of the snow through my kitchen window.

The kids want to go outside and play in it. . . I'm thinking NOT!! Especially since everything is so wet and muddy from hours and hours of rain before the snow.

Well, when it snows around here, there's one thing I like to do. . .get some baking done.

Off to the kitchen I go to make some type of baked apple dessert dish. . .we'll see!


  1. Mmmm Mmmm Good! Save some for me!! :) lol!

  2. How lovely! It all sounds so cozy and wonderful. :)

  3. We are also getting snow. Lots and lots of it. It's pretty but way... too early. Now it will be here until April. Have fun!

  4. I suppose snow in October is unusual where you live? It doesn't snow where I live. I'm sure it looks pretty from the kitchen window, but to be out in it is a different story. :)

    A baked apple dish sounds good! I'm sure it warmed everyone's tummy in your house. :)


  5. We had nearly 4 or so inches of snow on Thursday here in the Texas panhandle. I have photos on my blog if you'd like to visit. www.ourownvillage.blogspot.com

  6. LOL, Mom! I'll "save" a bowl for you!

  7. Aww, Anne!

    We did have a cozy time yesterday.

  8. Yes, Jennifer!

    It was way too early! As pretty as the snow is, I certainly hope it isn't a long winter. :o)

  9. Madame,

    Yes, snow in October is highly unusual where I live. We usually don't get any snow until after December. So, of course my kids were super excited!

    God Bless!

  10. Hi Amy,
    Nice of you to stop by! Wow!!! 4 inches of snow. . .in Texas?!?!? I guess I shouldn't feel so bad then! :o) I'll be over to visit your blog.

    Take care!


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