Mama's Mission of the Month (October)

Mission of the Month
Hello Mama's!!

Before I begin with the tasks for the month of October, let me first update you on the tasks I set for myself in September.
  1. I cleaned out my laundry room--yeah!!! All school room materials are in the school room!! Because our school room is just outside our laundry room, some of my dear Husband's tools made their way inside during the renovations. Now that the room is complete, the tools are back in the tool shed. I tidied up my pantry shelves, which are also in the laundry room, as well as our little dogs' bowls. Trust me ladies . . . a sigh of relief now that every thing's in order. Even my kids are happy. Sometimes they play in the laundry room, like it's their secret hide out! LOL
  2. I'm back to crochet!!!! I've started on an afghan for the family for our living room. And I also started on a blanket for our little bundle of joy. Here are some pics of those!
Living room afghan. . .
. . .Baby's blanket.
 So for September, I'd say. . .

Mission Accomplished

So for good ol' October, here are the tasks I hope to accomplish:

Task 1: I'd like to complete both blankets. I have to go out and get a few more balls of yarn for the other colors I need to add to the living room afghan. The baby's blanket is being made from yarn I already had on hand. So, hopefully they will be ready soon.
Task 2: I have yet another room in the house to tackle. . .the guest room/former computer room. With a new baby on the way and starting our homeschool this year, we are making many adjustments and transitions. Some of the items in our guest/computer room are now in our school room (such as the computer desk, shelves, etc.) The bed in that room will now become my son's bed, so we can convert his current bed back into a crib for the baby. My girls' "Dora House," along with other miscellaneous toys, have found their way into this room as well. So, I need to do some reorganizing, moving things around and basically figure out how we want to use the room. . . .my son's room? baby's room? play room? We'll see. . .

So that it's for now Ladies! For those of you who are interested, check out Mama Jenn's blog to link up or read about other missions this month.


  1. Hi Stacie,

    Congratulations on completing your "Mama Mission" for September! Beautiful crocheting!! My mother crochet as well. I wasn't a very good student(LOL)(:

    Keep striving lady!!

    Take care!

  2. Hi Stacie,
    I like the afghan and the blanket! Glad your mission was accomplished for Sept.. God bless you on your current mission. I love you.

  3. Hey Gertha,

    Thank you. You are too funny; LOL @ not be a good student!

    My grandmother was very good at it, and so are my aunt and mother-in-law.

    Talk to you soon, lady!

  4. Hey Mom!! (Winnie)

    I'm glad you like the blankets. As you can see there were no "Care Bears" LOL!!!

    Thank you for your prayers. I love you, too.

  5. Wow, you do beautiful work! I use to cross-stitch years ago and I can quilt, but never learned to crochet. Maybe I'll tackle that some day :)

  6. Hey Kristin,

    Thank you, kindly. :) Crocheting is about it for me; I don't know a thing about quilting! I would like to learn how to sew and knit one day, as well.

    Thanks for stopping by; you're a joy!

  7. Great job on accomplishing your goals. The blankets are beautiful. I need to learn (re-learn) how to crochet! I am sure that I must have learned it at some point...just don't remember how to do it! Haha!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  8. Hi Jenn,

    Thank you for the compliment. Now if I can just get them both finished for this month. . .mmmm, we'll see!

    Take care.


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