Food Pyramid

The homeschooling requirements for my state mandate that I teach my children Health. I did not purchase any sort of "Health Curriculum" and have been piecing things together as we go. (My undergraduate degree was in Sports Medicine, so I feel like I know what I'm doing--LOL! We'll see how that works out!)

Anyway, I checked this book out from the library. . .

My Food Pyramid

Next, I went online to find some materials (coloring pages, food facts, etc.) to build a little unit around the food pyramid and eating healthy. Well, I stumbled upon this website for kids, by the USDA. The website contains games, posters and other materials about nutrition and healthy eating, for children ages 6-11. (FYI: Those ages are given by the site. However, my 4 yr. old son has been able to participate with us as well.)

But what I like most is the Classroom Materials on the food pyramid. Here you will find complete lesson plans to download for grades 1-6, for FREE!!! Because I am not a traditional school teacher or a daycare provider, some materials were off limits (*sigh*). However, my kids and I have enjoyed learning about the food pyramid and making healthy eating choices.

Hope you find this information helpful in someway!!!

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