Get Out and Evaluate: Week 5--Peace on Earth Challenge

Week 4: Recap
Last week--Peace and War--was a full week for our household. I was definitely in a "fight" to keep things peaceful around here. My youngest daughter woke up Monday morning with a headache, fever, etc., etc. (I'll spare you the details!). Then, on Tuesday, my oldest daughter had surgery (which had been rescheduled from October).  I was getting over a cold that I wouldn't wish on anyone! Lack of sleep, trying to keep house, medication doses around the clock, trying to keep the male-folk from getting sick--yeah, I was at war! But praise be to the Most High God, we kept our sanity and a measure of peace.

We enjoyed Christmas morning together, Husband and I, along with our 3 wonderful blessings. Husband led us in prayer and each of us took time to give thanks to God about whatever was on our hearts in that moment. {Thank God for the gift of Jesus Christ!} We opened our presents and giggled in surprise. We went out for breakfast (this just might be a new tradition for us!!) and then we spent the rest of the morning with Husband's family at his parents' house. Later, we spent as much phone time as we could with my parents and my brother across the miles (a bad Internet connection thwarted our Skype plans!!).  

Moving on to the final week's challenge. . . Get Out and Evaluate!!!
Go outside (yes I know, with the frigid temps, this is a challenge all by itself!), but go outside and try to enjoy the winter nature. While there, consider reading the following passages [Matthew 27 and 28]. Also begin to reflect on the past year and think about changes we can make for the new year. (If your weather is anything like mine, you'll probably have to move this activity inside after a while!!)

Truth be told, I'm not one for huge goals, "resolutions," and drastic changes simply because it's a new year. I believe that the God we serve can work a change in our hearts no matter what time of year it is. However, my mother suggested that people are more aware of things that need to be changed when a new year is approaching.

With that being said, Courtney @ WomenLivingWell (the host of this challenge) has a great list of items to reflect on. I think that we, as wives and mothers, would do well to reflect on these things now, and often in our lives.
  1. Your Walk with God
  2. Your Marriage
  3. Your Children (if applicable)
  4. Your Health
  5. Your Spiritual Gifts
Please visit her blog HERE for the suggestions she makes in each of these areas. I really think it is useful and practical, as I will certainly evaluate these things.

Finally, what will your theme word be for 2011?
After looking over your evaluation, is there a common thread? Is there a thought or theme that you keep returning to? What word best summarizes your goals in these areas? Peace? Prayer? Praise? Thankfulness? Gentleness? Submission? Humility? Quietness? I haven't yet had my "out-door, winter evaluation time," but from glancing at this list, I'm thinking my theme word might be consistency.

I do hope, Ladies, that the challenge for peace during the month of December has been a blessing to you. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

{This post is linked HERE at WomenLivingWell}


  1. Stacie,

    Goodness! It sure sounded like the end of your year was a bit stressful with illnesses and a surgery. Hopefuly, all is going well within your home now.

    At any rate, I am not a fan of "new years resolutions" either. I have decided not to make any this year. Just living one day simply at a time is enough for me, I suppose.

    I love your new blog background. I really like this rose pattern. :)

    Take care dear sister!

    -Lady Rose

  2. Yes, Lady Rose.
    The end of the year was quite busy! But I am thankful that my family is doing well. God's grace has been sufficient.

    Thanks for the compliment on the "rose." :) I really appreciate your concern and kind words. It means alot.

    God bless you, Lady Rose.


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