Countdown to Christmas Scripture Chain--Craft

I saw this idea today at Garden of Learning and I thought it would be a great idea for my kids! (See pics below.)

Okay, here's the deal. Every December my children ask me "How many more days 'til Christmas, Mommy?"As a matter of fact, my 5 year old told me on Monday that she thought Christmas was on Tuesday! LOL 

In order to keep questions at a minimum, I usually make up a countdown to Christmas by drawing a well-intended Christmas tree on a piece of paper. I tack it onto the front door and each day, I attach the number of days left. . .
There it is--our make-shift countdown to  Christmas.

I know, pretty pitiful, right?

Well this year, we're doing something different!

I made a paper chain of 25 "links" in red, green and white. Each chain has a Scripture on it relating to the birth of Jesus. As we count down to Christmas, each day we will remove a link 
and read the Scripture aloud. This will help me reinforce to the kiddos Who this day is really all about. I told my kids about it and they were pretty excited!!

You can visit Garden of Learning for a list of Scriptures to use for your chain.

You'll need construction paper,
scissors, glue, ruler, a pen.

Cut the paper into 2 inch strips.
I numbered mine for my kids' sake,
but this isn't necessary.

Write a Scripture on the other side.
Alternatively, you could just
write where the verse is found and
read it from the Bible each day.

Glue the "links" together to form the chain.
Happy crafting and Merry Christmas!!!   
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  1. that is neat! I love creative scripture related stuff!

  2. Thanks, Tonya! I thought it was a good idea. So far, my kids are enjoying it too.

  3. Stacie,

    What a neat idea, and I bet your children will have alot of fun with this too! :)


    -Lady Rose

  4. Hi Lady Rose,
    Thanks! I'm actually enjoying it just as much as they are. The conversations we've been having each day as a result of each scriptures is amazing.

    God bless you!

  5. just found this with a google search and LOVE it. Totally doing this with our family this year, thanks much!

  6. Greg or Cheri,

    Thanks! I hope your family enjoys it!!!


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