Holiday Bliss

Hey there Ladies!! I just wanted to tell you about the Holiday Bliss link up. Once again, this month-long event is hosted by Brenda at Garden of Learning.

The challenge will be to post each day about something your family is doing to celebrate the Christmas Holiday season. I love Christmas and all the joy it brings. I love this time of reflection about the birth of our Lord and the amazing miracles that surrounded His birth.

Although I will not be participating in the challenge this time around, I definitely will be checking the link ups regularly. There is much this wife and mom can learn from other women about the traditions they use each year to celebrate this Holy occasion.

If you feel "blissful" and want to participate, by all means head over HERE to get started.


  1. Will MISS YOU, Staci! See you around, dear Sister! BIG HUGS!!

  2. Oh, thanks SisterTipster! I'll still be around posting to my blog though. I will be sure to check you guys' posts for some Holiday ideas.

    Hugs right back at you!!!

  3. Wish you were participating. I will still be checking in on your blog regularly. Love it.

  4. Be sure to link up if you make any holiday oriented posts!

  5. The Unsell Family,
    Aww, you're so kind. Thanks! I'll be checking your blog to see what you're posting for the challenge!

  6. Our Village is a Little Different,

    Good idea. . .I'll link up if I have a holiday post.
    I'm afraid I just may not have enough for a whole month's worth! :o)


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