Peace and War: Week4--Peace on Earth Challenge

Week 3: Recap
During week 3, we were to pick a night to go to bed very early, in order to be well-rested for the next day's tasks. Unfortunately, the reason I was able to complete this task was because I was sick last week. Fever. Aches. Chills. Hot flashes. Sore throat. Ear pain. Weakness. I was down for the count, my friends. Praise God it didn't last long--whatever it was, it was fast-moving! Thank God for Healing!

Moving on to this week's challenge. . . Peace and War!!!!

The task for this week is to find a quiet moment to reflect on the "Reason for the season." Get something warm to drink and sit by the fire, a lit Christmas tree, or by candlelight, and reflect on the Lord. Spend time in prayer, worship, or song during this moment. This task is meant to produce a still moment in our lives so that we can be at peace with our Peace-giver.

Here we are, just a few more days away from the "BIG" day. Our society is pressuring us to spend more, to find the perfect gift, to host the ultimate party and so on. Hustle and bustle--commercializing such a Holy time. It is almost as if we are "at war" over our peace. Actually, we are at war because satan's desire is to take the most Holiest of occasions and send us into a frenzy and a state of fretfulness over things that have nothing to do with Christmas.

If we're stressed out and short-tempered because our Christmas isn't what we want it to be, or what our culture says it should be, then we are missing the Reason for the season, just as satan would want. Instead of being miserable and hurried, let's slow down and remember why Christ came to earth and the peace He has been in our lives. Be aware of those moments when we're trying to make Christmas be something it isn't, be aware of those moments when we begin to lose sight of why we're celebrating.

Preparation is key, Ladies. Let's prepare our hearts to receive His peace this week. As the Christmas song says: Let every heart prepare Him room! Keep reading the Word this week, continue to have some quiet time with the Prince of Peace. Prepare for this "war" by filling your heart with Jesus this week and watch how peaceful Christmas will be!

"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." -John 14:27

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