36 and Counting. . .

Well, I am officially 9 months pregnant . . . 36 weeks and a few days. I have mixed emotions: excitement, joy and anticipation for my little boy's arrival--I can't wait to feel the warm little baby bundle in my arms. . .ever notice how warm a baby is when he/she is first born?? Oh, I'm looking forward to that moment, Lord willing.

Taken 12/2011: my 4th born, JD--just moments old

But on the other hand, a beautiful pregnancy is coming to an end. I'll always cherish the months I spend round, waddling, "glowing," achy, and sometimes downright uncomfortable. I cherish it because it is what God has given me to do. . .my body as a living sacrifice, trying to honor Him with not only the way I raise my little ones, but also how I carry them in my womb. Trying to enjoy the last days of kicks and pokes and baby hiccups inside.

36 weeks pregnant w/ #5
I'm wearing my favorite shirt: my husband's old
green sweatshirt! LOL
I'm measuring at 37 weeks and only 1cm dilated. Still contracting (mostly pain-free) off and on throughout the day. My sweet husband wouldn't let me go grocery shopping this weekend, so he did it ALL. Usually we go together and we split the list because we only go once a month. But this time he wanted me to take it easy.

He got up at 4am on a Saturday morning to go to the grocery store. He said it was just he and the late-night grocery stockers, so everything was easy to find. I wasn't quite feeling the 4am time frame (LOL) but I'm so thankful for him.

Thanks Husband!

And one of the highlights of this coming week: MY MOM IS COMING!!! We live in separate states, about 600 miles away from each other. So she's coming to help me prepare and wait for my little one. The only thing is that it's supposed to snow the day she comes, so hopefully her flight won't be effected!!!!!

Yay, MOM!!!!!

Thank you to everyone for your support, prayers, kind words and caring throughout this pregnancy. God has been so good and is so faithful to me. If I tried, I probably couldn't tell it all. . .

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  1. Yay! What an exciting time!!!:) blessings!

  2. Thank you so much, lady!

    God bless you!

  3. Mrs.Tammy Clark-GravesMarch 5, 2013 at 1:49 AM

    Hey Sister!!! I Luvs the new pic of you this week!!! Of course big sis is a little worried but you know me!!! Your hair is so beautiful ma!!! Also luvs the No Idle Bread Blog page,very creative!!! Praying for you all!!! Many blessings & send Auntie Tammy's luvs....

  4. Aw, I'm so happy for you! You are such a great momma and sounds like you have a jewel of a hubby! I'll be praying for this birth to go smoothly.
    God bless you and your family~

  5. Hey Tam-Tam! It's such a joy to me when my "real life" family and friends stop by to comment on the blog!!

    STOP WORRYING!!! ;o) I'm fine. I know I look HUGE to you but I am okay with it! :o)

    Thank you for your sweet, sweet words and all your love and prayers and support! I love you, sis!


  6. Kristin!!!

    Thank you dearly for your prayers; they are greatly appreciated.

    You are always so sweet. . . and the Lord's blessings right back to you!


  7. Thanks so much for your prayers, Jen!


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