Quick Family Trip

My husband had a business trip this week and we all tagged along. Normally, we don't because we would just be sitting in the hotel room. But sitting in a hotel room a few hours from home was exactly what our family needed.

I am thankful we went. We have struggled the last 2 weeks to return to our normal routine, which is hard to do when parts of life have been forever changed. 

Rocking my sweet baby in the window seat

We didn't do anything special at all. No sight-seeing, no souvenirs, no family or friends to visit. Unless...you count these things as being special: having fun exploring our hotel, eating THE BEST carrot cake I've ever had, taking a nap EVERY DAY with the little kids, and being mistaken for a church group when we went out for dinner. Actually, those things were kind of special, too.

We found an enclosed terrace and courtyard
that we used as a classroom, playground, and park each day.

When Husband brings you carrot cake after work.... 

you keep eating and eating and eating...

Co-sleeping with these two is an adventure! 

Still keeping an eye on my little guy since his surgery.

Those days in the hospital with him were baby girl's first days without me. 

She's been keeping her eye on me ever since.

Honestly, I am grateful for the small getaway to reset, to hear the quiet, to breathe. I only had two rooms to tidy and no meals to cook, just for a few days. To not worry about doctor appointments to keep or phone calls to make or traffic to fight or squeezing our smallest "large family" vehicle into a downtown parking garage, just for a few days...

We kept up with a bit of school work, so we didn't completely fall behind. Love that about homeschooling because we can learn anywhere we go. We got up early, ate the free waffle/sausage/fruit/cereal/yogurt breakfast. (It was nice eating breakfast as a family before my husband went to work each day.) Then, we did a little school work, and after that, we played and played the rest of the day.

Homeschool books have their own suitcase.

Pattern blocks = preschool

Gazebo in the courtyard:
Perfect place for our read aloud.

Getting up early each day (about an hour or so earlier than usual) has been surprisingly refreshing. I'm not necessarily a morning person, but I can see it has benefited the family, so I'm hoping to keep it going.

I'm grateful for the time, the memories, the rest.

Took a little family trip this week. We found a small, yummy diner and stopped for a bite. The nine of us walked in and a gentleman asked, "Are y'all a church group, or are all of them your kids?!" A church group was a first! Lol!!! Endearing and funny at the same time, because we kinda are a church group, too.



  1. Thank you for this little glimpse. I always so much enjoy reading your posts. When No Idle Bread shows up in my email inbox, I quickly read all my emails first and save yours for "dessert." I know I can always count on being uplifted and inspired by your comments, and that leaves a great taste in my spiritual mouth. Also, the photos of your children's sweet little faces make me smile!

    1. Aww, thanks for your comments here...so sweet! Thanks for taking the time to read what spills out of my heart.

  2. Stacie did you cut your hair? It looks lovely. :) Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your life with us. You are one of my favorite bloggers. :)

    1. Hey Latonya!! Thank you, but no, I didn't cut my hair. :) I appreciate how kind you have always been to me and I am blessed to know you. Talk to you soon!!


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