Mealtime Learning

Looking to fit more "school" into your day? Want to do more, but you can't bear the thought of another class period? Maybe you have that one subject that is way down low on the totem pole, that you just never seem to get to, but you know you should? Or maybe you need a time to reinforce a few concepts or go over memory work.

Here's how to do it : Couple it with a meal.

Yep, that's right, just as plain and simple as that. Take a relaxed approach and do it at an already scheduled meal time. Here's what that looks like in the No Idle Bread household...

Breakfast Time
Here is were we eat of the Bread of Life daily through Bible time. We study the Word, recite Scripture (memory work), learn catechism, sing or listen to a worship song (or two) , discuss a sermon, learn a hymn, play Bible flip, copy a verse, etc. Now, we definitely don't do all of those things every morning. However, breakfast has become the time we focus on God's Word to begin our school day.

Lunch Time
Here is where we do one of our favorites--read alouds. It is a great way to get in good, wholesome, classic books that the family can enjoy together. It works well for us since my kiddos are all seated, hands are busy with their food, but ears are open to listen to me read.

Another thing we do during lunch is Health. My state requires it and frankly, I don't always see the need for book work in this subject. So we pick a topic, watch a video on it or listen to an article while we munch, and then discuss it. Later, I'll ask the kids to create a notebook page about what they've learned.

Dinner Time
Usually dinner is just fun family conversation. But, every now and then, we may do a bit of History discussion. My kids usually do independent History reading in the afternoon. By dinner time, they are bubbling over with information to share about what they read. We also keep a map of the world up on our kitchen wall, which has been great for impromptu discussions about other countries and cultures over time.

Sometimes, my husband will have some fun with a bit of "logic": table games (testing observation and attention to detail), riddles, puzzles, word games, tongue-twisters and the like. Trust me, it's hilarious, but the kids are still learning.

These are a few ways we combine a meal with school to make learning easier....really, it's another way that homeschooling has become a way of life. These times "count" as times of learning. Don't discredit them. Record it as part of your child's accomplishments in school and enjoy getting it done!

What lessons are learned around your table? Do you couple meals and learning? What other ways do you fit learning in?

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  1. We enjoy reading aloud during lunch time too. I usually have an audio book on standby because I want to listen too. :)

  2. Excellent ideas Stacie! We also do this with audio books while eating lunch (that way I can munch away too!)! Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! :)


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