Ease of Routine

So, this past week was so relaxing.
Like a breath of fresh air. . .

No hard fast rules for times and deadlines. I told my children what the order of our summer days would be. They told me that they thought that was a good idea, and so we flowed with it. It felt great. I'll be tightening up my own homemaking schedule a bit and reworking our chores this summer. But overall, relaxed feels so good!

I think the other thing that helped was that baseball was cancelled this week due to the heat and then the rain. It was a relief to not have to bump dinner up an hour twice this week in order to get to practices. We have one make-up game left (possibly?) and then it will be officially over. I know my son has enjoyed it and all, but this mama is glad to have a break.

Each of the big kids completed a chapter in math, and have enjoyed working through their spelling books. Something I haven't shared yet: my 3 year-old has been learning to read (a very gentle approach). He loves it and asks if we still have school each day. :) The two year old and 1 year old are having a grand time toddling around and rearranging my cabinets and pantry on a regular basis.

He pulled each item out of the pantry, one by one, and lined them up just so, and baby sister joined in.
And in case you're wondering, there were healthier options that he bypassed!!

We started a new read aloud called Ginger Pye. It's still early, but so far, so good. The girls   worked on a craft, while I helped Sonny Boy build a wooden toy.  My MIL signed the kids up to receive a new craft to work on every few weeks, a craft club for girls and a wood-workers one for boys. They are perfect for summer time. *Thanks, Mother!*

We baked banana bread. . . mmmm, so good and gone in a little over a day.

We finally compiled our famous "Summer Bucket List." We haven't done one for a couple of summers, so the kids were excited about it. My sweet children have some pretty fun requests and so we will try to do most of them. Travel to Indiana or South Carolina are looking like slim chances, though. . . . although I'm totally not opposed!!!

We shall see what things we can cross off of this list!

*Thanks to all of you who shared your science curriculum suggestions last week!!!*


  1. Looks like a great bucket list!! Have fun. ;)

    1. Thanks, Jen! The kids are having a good time. :)

  2. The bread looks delicious! The little ones are so adorable, and it looks as if they were having a lot of fun with the fun food :) I like the bucket list the children put together. One thing I want to do with the girls is go geocaching, we haven't done it in awhile.

    1. Thanks, Latonya. My little ones keep me going. LOL
      So, you just taught me something new. I had to google "geocaching" to see what it was. :) It sounds really interesting!


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