A Whirlwind Week

So, this was supposed to be our first week back to schooling after our Christmas break. Instead, it was full of doctor's appointments, home improvements, our homeschool portfolio review and an appliance delivery. I am completely exhausted. Of course my kids were secretly celebrating on the inside because this week was pretty much a wash by way of instruction. They did a bit of math and free reading. We also watched a couple of videos "on demand" about lions and cheetahs, as well as a show called "Brain Games." That was it for the entire week! Just horrible.

My homeschool portfolio went well, but it was a process! It was initially scheduled for Tues. but had to be rescheduled for Wed. I found out about that just an hour before we were scheduled to meet. I am blessed to be able to do my review via Google+ Chat, but when we met on Wed., technology was not on our side and it took about 45 minutes to get things going. Of course, the baby was crying, my toddler was screaming, and the contractor needed to ask me a question. . . .all at the same time! Stress levels were beginning to rise, to say the least.

But then I remembered my two-step approach and my word "surrender." I have to thank God for my family, the opportunity to homeschool, for flexibility, for a kind reviewer, for a house to repair, and a husband with a vision for our family. Although the week was physically and mentally draining, God's grace was seen: My children were so helpful with assisting me in moving things around the house to accommodate the changes going on; each of the older kids has "babysat" the little ones while I was on phone calls or speaking with the contractor, or just needed a few minutes to tend to something else. There was a lot of team work as a family this week, and although it was tough, I know it makes us stronger.

Here are a few pics from our week. . .

New tile being laid for our laundry/pantry room. . .

Our house is 50+ years old and some things need an upgrade at some point!

JR reading Encyclopedia Brown in Daddy's chair

JD "reading" on the couch ;)

TM reading in the kids' "activity" closet with
Baby J spying, with all of our juices on the floor.

SJ reading Anne of Avonlea (sequel to Ann of Green Gables)

Being in the walker was too boring, so playing
blocks near the freezing patio door was more interesting!
And, he kept taking his socks off. . .babies! LOL
Some of our pantry food items have taken over our dining table
since the laundry/pantry room is out of use. The rest of our
goods are on the floor and on the kitchen counters. Looks like
we went grocery shopping and didn't put anything away!

New refrigerator. . .with the handles on the wrong side! LOL
Hopefully we can get that switched, especially since I'm expanding more each day.
The pantry/laundry room are just inside that door. . .
Standing in that door way, here's a shot of the floors (and deep freezer), minus the baseboards
that are supposed to be installed in the coming week. Once that's done we can
move our pantry shelf units back into their places.
{{I use our laundry room walls as my kids' "art gallery"}}

A closer look at the floors. . .they need mopping!
The deep freezer is now to my right and when I step up,
our washer and dryer sit on the floor space there.

Truth be told, I'm not the best sport when it comes to home improvements. I tend to dwell on the inconvenience they are, rather than the blessing on the other side. Please pray for me, as more home improvements seem to be in our future since the new baby is on the way. . .

Well, hopefully the next week will be full of more school work!


  1. You will be so happy when it's finished! I love that you use the laundry room as the art gallery! I have a hall in our kitchen for the same thing. Children's art work makes me smile!:)

    1. You're right. . .it's just getting there. Patience, huh?
      Yep,, the kids' artwork brightens up the laundry room and they get a kick out of it!

  2. It's not so bad your week, sounds like my life story :). How wonderful that you thought to look at the situation from such a humble and grateful perspective. It was a good reminder for me.

    1. Thank you so much. Sometimes it's hard to be positive. I'm glad you stopped by!!

  3. It's all good Stacie. God is good and your attitude sounds like a joyful one. :) Praying you won't be stressed.
    Blessings, Jen

  4. Thank you for praying, Jen. . .it's always appreciated!
    God bless,


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