A Passover Dinner?

Me and SJ (summer 2010)
So, I was reading about the Passover to my children yesterday and how it commemorates the events leading up to the Israelites' exodus out of Egypt (Exodus 12).

SJ looks up and says, "Wait a minute; are we Jewish?!" I told her no and went on to explain how Hebrew/Jewish culture is found in the Bible.

A bit disappointed, she said, "Oh. I wanted to celebrate a Passover dinner, too!"

LOL!! It can be so hard to maintain composure and a straight face sometimes! My kids CRACK ME UP!

I guess I'll have to learn to cook lamb and unleavened bread!


  1. There might be some info on there about doing a Messianic Jewish Sader. My dad used to do those at our church. They are soooo fascinating - to say the least. How Jesus Christ is revealed through the passover. It still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. And so amazing how in so many elements of the Passover you can see Him as Messiah and His sacrifice is revealed.

  2. Hi Rosilind,

    Thanks for your comment. I just might look into it. I love how awesome it is that many of the Old Testament traditions point the way to Jesus!

    Take care and I hope you are feeling well.


  3. Hey Miss Stacie~
    A Passover Sader is a wonderful thing~we do them at our church~Thurs before Eastr! Thanks so much for reading me~LOVE your new look and the pic of you and your little girl~Have a blessed ~HUGELY blessed day! HUGS!!

  4. Hey Sister T!

    Thanks for your sweet comments.

    Yeah, a Passover celebration might be nice to try. . .I'd be doing it at home though, because my church doesn't do them.

    Take care, Sister T. You have a wonderfully blessed day as well.


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