Mama's Mission of the Month (November)

Mission of the Month

Ladies, ladies, ladies. I'm afraid my update for October's tasks won't be very in depth. **SIGH**

Mission NOT Accomplished YET

Task 1 Well, I finished the baby's blanket, but the family afghan still has a little ways to go. I think my "nesting instincts" have started to kick in and all things "baby" now have a sense of urgency.
Incomplete afghan, awaiting the
chocolate brown yarn to be added.

Baby blanket complete!

Task 2  A big incomplete--temporarily on hold--still haven't decided what the room will be! The only thing I've done in our spare room is wash the linen on the bed. . . sad, I know. But, it is the truth. Plans for the room have temporarily changed . . . instead of moving the guest bed into my son's room as his "big boy" bed, for now it will remain a guest bed. My mother is coming in from out of town to help us when the baby is born (thank You, Lord!). So she'll need a place to sleep.

Eventually, we'll move the bed to my son's room in a few months and convert his toddler bed back to a crib for the baby. In the meantime, the "nesting bug" bit my Husband as well and he purchased some much needed items for the baby, including a bassinet for the first few months. (Thanks, Husband--that was a huge stress reliever for me!)

Moving on to November's Tasks . . .
Task 1: Crochet a few Christmas presents for my children.
I want to make each of my girls a shawl, each of my boys a hat, and a tic-tac-toe game for all of them. I'm not sure how well this will go, since I still have the afghan left over from last month!

Task 2: I would like to complete all Christmas preparations this month.
I want to do a "Jesse Tree" this year with my family, for the Advent season. So I need to get materials together to make one.
I want to do any Christmas shopping I have left this month, because I don't think I'll be up to it next month. :o)

Task 3: I need to do some patch work!
My sweet kiddos are so famous for getting holes in the knees of their pants!! And it seems to be my younger daughter in particular. She's always pretending to be a puppy or some other animal (she's the animal lover and future farm owner!), so she's always crawling around on the floor. Because the pants are otherwise perfectly good pants, I will be patching them up so that they can wear them around the house, to play in, and for P.E. time.

That's all for now, Ladies. If any of you moms would like to join in this month, head over to Mama Jenn's to link up!


  1. Stacie, your crocheting is beautiful!!

    Keep striving toward your "Mama Mission" goals and remember to "Go to Bed Earlier"(:

    Take care!!

  2. Awww, thanks, Gertha.

    I'm going to hang in there, and hopefully this Day Light Savings will help me get to bed earlier!:o)


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