Little Things

What amazes me about God is how He works in the small things. Little things that bring me joy and wonder, as it just shows God's hand all along. I know this may seem silly to some, but to me, it's just noticing the tiny gifts He gives along the way. Here's what I mean. . .

  • The toy train that my son loves to push around and around the house, was given to my oldest daughter for her 1st birthday. She never really played with it much, neither did my other daughter, but for some reason, we never gave it away. Now I know why!
  • In college, the scholarship program I was in did a lot of community service. Who knew that the sidewalk chalk we used to make signs on campus, would also be the same chalk my children would use to make designs on our patio?
  • A bible given to me for my high school graduation, and one in honor of my wedding, are now both used as study Bibles for my daughters in our history lessons.
  • All of the puzzles, animal/insect books, construction paper, work/coloring books, pencils that my parents have always given my children for Christmas, birthdays, "just because" days, are now being used in our schoolroom. Who knew we'd ever be a homeschooling family? I had never "planned" to homeschool before becoming a mom, and even years into motherhood. Thank God that He knows much better than me! (Grateful to be homeschooling!)
I could probably go on and on and on. I encourage you to look back over your lives and see the ways that God's hand guided your life. It may be huge things; it may be little things. No matter how great or small, I believe if we look hard enough, we can see how faithful He has been.


  1. Oh, I so agree! I love the way you are seeing your gifts and blessings! I just gave a talk at my church about finding the blessing, mostly the little things, because it is not hard to see the big things. And so many of the little things, go unnoticed. How sad it must make the Lord to see all these little gifts he as given and so many do not see them. Your list makes me smile :)

  2. Hi Kristin,

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you for your comment. . .glad my list gave you a smile.

    Take care!


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