Little Moments

I was invited to a tea party/picnic by my younger daughter, TM. So there we sat on the floor with all of our "food" and tea party items, along with a few stuffed animals. My oldest daughter decided to join us, and told us that whenever we sipped our tea, we had to "stick our pinkies out"! Strawberries, grapes, chicken legs, corn-on-the-cob, crossaints, waffles, hotdogs and more--what a spread! Good "food," fun, and lady-like fellowship!

This wasn't our tea party today, but this is an
example of the "spread" my girls usually have! :)

Later on, while the girls went outside to play, my son asked me if I could watch him play the computer. So, I told him that I would sit next to him and watch him. (He sure is good at the pizza game!) He was even more thrilled when I brought my laptop over and we sat, side-by-side, both "doing the computer" as he says. Every now and then, he'd glance over and smile at me or give me a little kiss on my arm! LOL

Me and JR, taken last winter. . .Valentine's Day.
It's the little moments like these that I cherish! It's so sweet!!!! (I'm a mushy mom.) It is also very informative: my girls want me to be actively engaged, participating, joining in. My son wants me to just be near, accompany him, observe. Very interesting. . .  I love those little people!

I'm thankful for little moments with my children!


  1. Hi Stacie,
    I like this very much! Those little moments mean so much!!! It's Priceless!!! :)

  2. Your children look so precious! It's a blessing to have those special moments with our kids.

  3. Hey Mom,

    Yep, the little moments are priceless. I am SO grateful. . .

  4. Growing in God's Wisdom,

    Thank you!
    You're right; those special moments are simply blessings from God.

    Take care and I'm glad you stopped by!

  5. Cherish it all. They grow so fast.
    Blessings, Jen

  6. Jen, you are right. They do grow quickly. . .so I'm trying to be a sponge and soak up as much as I can. :)

    Take care!


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