Ahhh! A Clean Refrigerator

One of the "projects" on my to-do list was to tackle my refrigerator--cleaning AND organizing. It was out of control!! The inspiration for this project was my lovely blogging friend, Lady Rose. . . click here to see what inspired me.

B E F O R E . . .

I'd just started cleaning the top-left shelf,
then I remembered to snap a pic.

A F T E R . . .

Much better!

I've been accustomed to putting foods and drinks in the 'fridge any way they could fit. Other than using the meat, fruit, and veggie drawers, nothing else was organized. Things were just put in where ever they found a spot. Bread all over the place, leftovers among the water pitchers. Sad. . . I know. Even when I clean my refrigerator out in general, it never occurred to me to keep it organized, similar to the way I keep my pantry shelves. Please, don't ask why. But here's to turning over a new leaf. :o)  (I did the same for my freezer, too!)

A big thank you to my daughters for all of their unsolicited help--I sincerely was thrilled to have assistance. (Even my son "helped" every now and again in between all of the imaginary battles he fought today!)

And a sweet thank you to Lady Rose for inspiring me!


  1. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when the fridge is all nice and clean. :) I need to tackle mine too.

  2. Yes, Jen. It is a great feeling. Now, to keep it that way! :o)

  3. Stacie,

    Ah yes, a clean refrigerator is a good thing. It's actually time for me to clean my refrigerator again, for it's over-flowing with stuff.

    I try to keep my refrigerator organized, but since it's kind of small, it can be a difficult challenge. :)


    -An Ordinary Woman

  4. Hi Ordinary Woman!

    Thanks for the idea :)
    Hopefully my family and I can keep this going--we'll see.

    Take care!!

  5. You have inspired me. I've been cleaning all day today but not the inside of the fridge. We get lazy and just throw stuff in there, and then my husband can't seem to find anything:)
    I'm going now to clean more and organize in the ol' fridge:)

  6. Ha, Kristin!

    We "were" the same way. We would "lose" things in the fridge, and then it would spoil and go to waste. . .especially with leftovers. With my "new and improved" process, hopefully we'll cut down on wasted food!

    Happy cleaning!!

  7. Hi Stacie!

    Our family tends to waste food as well. We have to do better.

    Your fridge looks good lady!!!

    Take care.

  8. Mrs. Gertha, girl! How are you?

    Thank you for stopping by. . .and I'm pleased to say, we're still doing great with the fridge! lol

    Talk to you soon!

  9. Well done! I think, this tuesday I shall clean the inside of my fridge. It's a mess here.

  10. Thanks, Aritha!

    Happy cleaning :)

    Take care.


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