11 Years: His and Hers Umbrellas

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Eleven years ago today, I married the man God had for me, my gift, my love. I am so blessed to be called his wife.

Over the years, there has been so much God has taught us and shown us through our relationship with each other as husband and wife:

His love, His grace, His mercy, respect, honor, prayer, leading, submission, family life, holding steady, firmly planting, growth, responsibility, getting back up, dreaming, trying again, smiles, laughter, belief, lifting up, letting go, charity, protection, time spent, sharing, togetherness, unity, raising children, love, listening, whispers at night, sacrificing willingly, forgiveness, thanksgiving, new life, comfort. . .

I am so unbelievably grateful to God for His many blessings by way of marriage, so thankful for a husband who is honest and true.

Yesterday, my husband and I were talking about Biblical marriage, the relationships between Christ and the church, husband and wife--the ways in which marriage should be reflective, mirroring Christ's example--no confusion, but the understanding of each one's part in the complete equation. He grabbed a pencil and drew an image for me, one he'd seen circling the Internet. I found it online:

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He went on to explain, from a husband's point of view, the topics of leadership and submission. He told me: "Stacie, although you submit to me, I'm supposed to cover you. Because if I don't, the next in line is Jesus and I have to answer to Him. If I'm not protecting you and the kids, if I let people "throw rocks" and attack you guys, then I'm not doing what I'm supposed to. If you don't follow my leadership, I'm still responsible for you. So, it isn't so much, "Oh, she gets to submit to me because I'm the leader!" but rather, if my house is not in order, I have to answer to Jesus, because He holds me accountable. I'm your covering, under Jesus."

Talk about a wife's heart melting in admiration, in love, and in appreciation because I am loved by him. . . and I am loved by Him.

Happy #11, Husband!

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  1. What a guy! Happy anniversary to you two!

    Oh, and my camera is a Sony. But to get close bird shots, it helps to have it on a tripod, have a good lens and have plenty of patience ;)

  2. thanks, Kristin!

    I'll be looking the Sony up! You did a great job with the bird photos. . .I'm going to show them to my kiddos!

  3. Happy anniversary!!!
    I appreciate your comment.

  4. Hey Latonya,

    Thank you!!

    No problem. I'm glad you made that post. . .

  5. Beautiful explanation of a Godly household! Happy anniversary :)

  6. Happy Anniversary to you two!!!
    Continue to keep your hands in God's hand as He orders your steps! :)
    We love you guys.

    Mom & Dad

  7. I loved your husband's explanation and perception of headship and submission. Wow! Truly amazing! :)

    Happy 11th anniversary! I hope it was a good one! :)

  8. Marisol!!! My face lights up to see your name in this space! :)

    Thank you so much.

  9. Thanks Mom (and Dad!)!!

    We love you both. :)

  10. Hi Mara,

    I felt the same way. . .Wow!

    We had a great day; thank you.

  11. Happy Anniversary!

  12. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you so much!!

  13. This is amazing!! SOOOOO amazing!! I love the image that you provided, but I especially love what your husband said.

    Praise God for good Christian marriages! Happy anniversary!

  14. Hi Abigail,

    Thank you so much for your sweet words. I was amazed myself. . .but in a good way. So thankful to God for the ways He blesses!

    I'm glad you stopped by. Take care!


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