Book Review: Angels Are For Real by Judith Macnutt

Angels Are For Real, Judith MacNutt, 978-0-8007-9515-3

I was intrigued by this book because of the subject matter: angels. In this book, the author seeks to affirm that angels are real and were created and appointed by God to carry out His purpose. She offers further clarification about angels on what they are like, what their duties are, and what types of angels exist.

Often times, people misunderstand angels and their purpose. There's a tendency to attach whimsical ideas to what angels are. . .you know, flying around with little halos or with a bow and arrow or with a magical wand. The author seeks to offer the reader a Biblical approach to understanding the angels and the truth of their existence.

I really appreciate the intent of this book and I think it is appropriate subject matter that Christians must understand. With that being said, I think the author offered too many personal and "eye-witness" accounts. I would have preferred that she give more thorough Biblical accounts and explanations concerning angels, given the already "fantasy-like" ideas many people in our society have of them. I do think that personal experiences are important and many of them valid, but I think greater credibility on this subject should be based on the Bible.

**I received a free copy of this book from Chosen Books in exchange for an honest review. All the opinons expressed were my own.**

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