Saint George and the Dragon--Review Questions

My 1st grader and I read this story. I needed a few review questions for her, to help her summarize the story. I looked all over and couldn't find any that were age/level appropriate. So, I decided to make my own and post them here so they are available to others.
Saint George and the Dragon

  1. Who is the main character in this story? (Saint George of Merry England)
  2. What other name (or title) does St. George have at the beginning of the story? (The Red Cross Knight)
  3. What is St. George's mission? (The mission is to defeat the dragon who frightens the people of the town.)
  4. Who goes with him on the mission? (The princess, Una, and a dwarf come with him on the mission. The princess brings her lamb, as well.)
  5. When St. George battles the dragon, what does he have to protect him? Name as many things as you can think of. (St. George wears heavy armor and a helmet. He carries a shield, he has a spear, and a sword.)
  6. Was St. George defeated or was he victorious? (St. George is victorious after several battles with the dragon. He does not give up.)
  7. What happens to St. George in the end of the story? Does he keep his promise to the Fairy Queen? (Once the dragon is defeated, St. George and the princess get married. He keeps his promise to the Fairy Queen by going on brave adventures when she needs him to serve.)
There are several versions of this story.  Please be warned that the story does detail the battle, so if fighting knights and dragons don't sit well with you and/or your babes, then this is not the book for you.This version has lovely artwork that beautifully tells the story on its own. Many of the answers come from a combination of the story and the illustrations.

I found a unit study on Saint George and the Dragon at Homeschool Share. The unit study offers many parallels between St. George and wearing the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-17), as well as some history on St. George, being a knight, and the meaning of the Red Cross and much more!

Hope this helps!!

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