A Snake and My New Best Friend

So, the kiddos and I were in the back yard, tending to our vegetables. I thought I was so cool and clever, because I was able to double gardening with a science lesson for the day. We had been discussing plant life and various bugs that were helpful or harmful to gardens. I thought, "I'm going to round this lesson out with lettuce picking. I'll show them those big, fat juicy green caterpillars that eat little holes in the lettuce. We'll talk about the way God made those caterpillars green so that they blend so well with the lettuce." I just knew this was going to go so smoothly.

So, there we were picking lettuce. Every thing is going great! As is my habit, I let the dogs eat any leaves that are a little wilted or yellowing on the edges. They love it and think lettuce picking is really treat time for them. Well, while we're discussing the bugs we were finding, one of our dogs begins to run over to a corner of the yard and back to me . . .he keeps doing this, back and forth, with a bark each time. Now mind you, this little dog of ours isn't my 1st choice in a companion, and honestly he irks me most days. But he stays because my daughter would be heartbroken without him.

Anyway, I ignored him because he sometimes barks randomly at any and everything. So there I am talking bugs and plants, when my oldest daughter says, "Mommy, I don't know why Wimbley keeps barking. Maybe he wants you to give him more lettuce." I'm like, yeah probably so. So when I turn to offer him another piece, I see him run to the corner of the yard to bark at something. So I'm like, what is he barking at this time.

I go a little closer, and my first thought is, "Is that a vacuum hose? Why would my husband leave a vacuum hose curled up in the corner of the yard?" My next thought (very brief next thought) was what type of yard equipment would require a hose??? Then it clicks, "Stacie, you are staring at a black snake that is all coiled up." I do NOT tolerate snakes AT ALL, so in my head I screamed, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

But to my children I said, "Everybody inside now! Everybody inside now!" I didn't yell and scream and kick and run the way I wanted to, but my point was clear. They all went inside without a word. When we got inside, I was shaking and completely outdone by the nerve of a snake to show up in my back yard!!!! My daughter told me, "Mommy, I didn't know why you told us to go in, but when I heard your voice, I thought there could be danger." (Later, my mom told me that what my daughter said reminded her of the Scripture that says, "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me." -John 10:27) Thankful for children who obey (most of the time)! :)

Well, a few panicky hours later, and after a phone call to animal control, I know now that the "Black Snake" is apparently not harmful or poisonous, and is common in our area (although we've lived here for 7 years and this is our first encounter). Apparently, this snake is good for catching field mice and the like. I also now know that it was apparently coming out to warm itself in the sun, which is apparently normal this time of year. All of these "apparent" facts don't make me like the snake any more, and I never want to see it again, but at least the panicky shakes are gone. And eventually, one day, the kids can go outside to play again, eventually. LOL!!! I can laugh at myself now, especially the part when I asked myself, "Is that a vacuum hose?!" LOL!!!!

Meanwhile, I have forgiven Wimbley of all his "irk-iness." He's now welcome to stay in the family. Although I now know my fear of the snake was "apparently" unwarranted, I am so glad Wimbley was there to warn us. I know that he will try to protect us. . .even me, the one who has never really been too fond of him. Wimbley, my new best friend!!! ;)


  1. Oh my!! I understand, Stacie! I am not fond of snakes, either. I'm so thankful you are all okay. And that is a perfect testimony to your wonderful job of raising your children!!! :)

  2. Anne,

    I'm so glad you understand. Thank you!

    I'm trying not to overreact, but I'm still a bit nervous about letting the kids outside to play. Poor children!

  3. Stacy, I don't like snakes either. I saw one this morning on the side of the road when I was walking with a friend and we both screamed, a little. :) I'm glad it all turned out fine and that you and your little dog are now good friends. ;)

  4. Oh Jennifer,

    I'm afraid I would have screamed ALOT if I were with you and your friend this morning! :) For the rest of the day after seeing the snake, I jummped and screamed at just about everything. . .so paranoid! lol

    But, the good is that I am friends with the little dog now! :)

  5. Stacie,
    This sounds very funny now that it is over, although we know that was not the case that day!!!!
    Glad it all worked out!!!!!

  6. Yeah, Mom,

    I can laugh about it now! I must say that I still look for the snake every time I go out in the yard, though. . .and Wimbley has to come with me! LOL


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