A New Heart

My day had been full . . . .piano, math, reading, orthodontist appointment, cranky-eared baby, sleepy baby, lunch time, grammar, art, and cleaning and so forth.

I thought I handled it all well.

Then, the dog killed a mole in the back yard, the other dog made a mess in the laundry room. So my afternoon was taking care of the mole situation, dog baths, cleaning floors, gathering trash, rushing to prepare Husband's after work snack (Yes, I spoil him!), getting the baby's applesauce and peas together before he starts to cry, and by the time the spoonful of baby peas went splat on my kitchen rug, I was a wee bit stressed.

So, I let out a very aggravated sigh, groan, grunt. . .some kind of noise that meant FRUSTRATED! I complained, "Mommy is having a tough time this afternoon!"

Immediately, my 4 year old son comes rushing in the kitchen as I wiped peas out of the rug. He said, "Here Mommy, I have a new heart for you. Here you go!" And he places my "new heart" on my chest. He said, "Take this new heart Mommy, then your heart won't be sad anymore." In that moment, I recalled the Scripture, (and read it since it was right above my head, hanging up in my kitchen!), "Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a right spirit within me." -Psalm 51:10

Mmm, seems like Mommy needs to read that verse a little more often! :o) None of my tasks were "end of the world" situations and I had allowed them to get the better of me.

So, I thanked my sweet boy for my "new haert." And I thanked my Heavenly Father for the funny ways in which He works on me through my children. God is always standing there, offering a new heart in exchange for the old one; if only we would just receive it.

I thanked Him for my new heart's attitude, a right spirit. I collected myself, took a deep breath, chuckled at my son, and started afresh . . .

A little bit of "Change My Heart, O God"
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  1. Dear Stacie,
    This is lovely. What a beautiful testimony of His sanctifying work in the heart of a sweet mother. You are revealing His Glory to your children through your tender willingness to listen to His Voice. :)

  2. Hi Anne,

    Thank you. I'm trying to be sanctified . . .daily. It's a daily process indeed. :)

  3. Out of the mouths of babes.....aren't our children such wonderful reminders of Gods grace. How wonderful your little son could remind you of God's grace. Blessings~

  4. They sure are, Jennifer. My children have matured me in my walk with God so much. I am grateful!


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