Our Jesse Tree

**This a repost from last year on using a Jesse Tree to mark the Advent season.**

This year, the kids and I made a Jesse Tree for the Advent season. I first heard about a Jesse tree HERE at my friend Anne's blog. Last year we found out about the Jesse Tree too late to start on one, but we did enjoy reading THIS BOOK to gain a better understanding.

Here is how we made our Jesse Tree:

Jesse Tree made from brown and green scrap paper.

Over the course of a few weeks, we ripped and cut brown and green pieces of news paper ads. I drew a tree on a poster board and then my children glued those scrap pieces on for bark and leaves. Since purple is the traditional color of the Advent season, I wrote the word "Advent" in purple, in the white background space.

Along the sides of the tree trunk, I wrote the following verse, the basis of the Jesse tree:

"There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse,
And a Branch shall grow out of his roots."
-Isaiah 11:1

So, every morning, my children and I read a Scripture passage, along with a devotional, which explains the significance of the ornament we hang on the tree each day. In essence, the ornaments hung on the Jesse tree tell the story of Jesus, from the beginning (Creation) until His birth. It is a way of showing that the Babe Who takes a way the sins of the world, was always "coming," always on His way. Christmas Day was always approaching because God had an amazing plan for us, through Jesus Christ. The devotional we use can be found HERE.

Jesse Tree with ornaments

I invite you to try using a Jesse Tree for your family as a way to keep the focus of the Christmas season on Christ. Your Jesse Tree can be whatever you decide. Some people hang their Jesse tree ornaments on their Christmas tree. Other people simply get a small branch, stick it in a decorative pot and hang their ornaments from it.

Many ideas, devotionals and printable ornaments can be found online. I found lots and lots of resources HERE at The Blessings Pour Out!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

**I know this post is kind of late in the Advent Season. . .I have a GREAT reason! Click HERE, to see why!! :o) :o) :o)**

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