Thunderstorms = No Electricity

In my life this week…
We were without electricity from Fri. 6/29 until Wed. 7/5. A major thunderstorm with hurricane speed winds paid our region a visit on Friday. We live in a neighborhood with lots of mature trees and those trees knocked down utility poles and power lines all throughout our city and state. Restaurants and stores were closed, traffic signals were out, hotels (that were up and running) were completely booked. And to top it off, we haven't had a day under 95 degrees in about 2 weeks. It was stressful in many, many ways. The tree in the front yard suffered some damage and we had a few stray limbs in the back yard. Considering the magnitude of the storm, we are so blessed. I am so thankful that my family is well and my home isn't damaged. God is so good.

Pictures of the fallen tree limb in my front yard:

The lighter green leaves you see in the center, at the top
are actually from my neighbor's tree.
Our tree looks a bit weird because it is so thin at the top.

This lamp post is about 15 feet away
from the trunk of the tree. This branch
is pretty big.
In our homeschool this week…
Well, not much schooling going on this week. We managed to squeeze in a few math worksheets and some reading. . .lots of reading, actually.

I am inspired by…
Crochet patterns! I receive various crochet patterns by email from Lion Brand Yarn and I've found some neat things on Pinterest, too. They are inspiring me to begin a crochet project. I usually do my crocheting during the cooler months, but I for some reason, I'm ready to grab a hook and some yarn and go at it!! Here are some pretty pieces I'd like to try:

Lacy Springtime Shrug
I'm hoping I have enough yarn on hand
to get started on this now.

Beach Cover Up--cute!
This is really pretty.
Tunic--this is so cute!
This seems perfect for the fall.

Knit and Crochet Tunic
This is actually a crochet/knit combo.
I can't knit well, but one day I'll tackle it!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
This week was tough, but my in-laws came through for us. They only lost power for about 24 hours, so we were able to stay in their home while our power was out. It was such a blessing because it has been so hot and it was hard to keep everyone cool, especially the baby. It was great because it helped my children through a tough time, especially my son. Thunderstorms and no electricity don't just "bother him" but they really scare him. So the distraction of being at Grand-Dad and Grand-Ma's house was just what he needed.

My least favorite thing this week was…
Getting rid of most of the food in my refrigerator and freezer. It was such a painful process to see so much wasted. I'm sad about it because I keep wondering what I could have done differently to keep more. But with the temps soaring to about 100 degrees each day, the food spoiled so quickly. Husband is in the process of trying to get a stationary generator installed so that we don't waste this much food again.

Questions/thoughts I have…
Wondering about the next school year. I'm still piecing together my curriculum choices. I'm also wondering about ways to help implement a bit of independence in our school days...I'm not sure. I've heard of people doing "work boxes" and having everything laid out for the school year ahead of time. That way, the child is able to just grab all assignments for the day and work through them. Our schedule just doesn't flow that way. Any thoughts?

Things I’m working on…
I'm working on thinning out last year's school work (except for the really important things), and filing it way with our homeschool review forms. All you homeschool moms out there: How much school work do you keep each year? How do you file it all away? Do you file it away at all?

I’m reading…
The Resurrection of Nat Turner, Part One: The Witnesses by Sharon Ewell Foster. I signed up for the summer reading program at library, right along with my children! Sharon Ewell Foster is one of my favorite Christian, historical fiction authors.

I’m cooking…
Nothing much. Heating up left overs from when we ate out this week. We tried to purchase "family style" meals this week rather than "fast food" so that it would last us longer.
The inside of my empty freezer. :(

I’m grateful for…
My life, health, strength, my family and my home. . .and for electricity.

I’m praying for…
Those still suffering from the storm, my great-uncle who's in the hospital.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
A pretty song.


  1. Oh, wow, on the power! With the temperatures that high it would've been miserable without staying with family! Glad you were able to stay with them for a while and that power is back on!

    I'm still piecing my stuff for next year together too. We are waiting on something that could really change up our year so I don't want to order any more curriculum until our decision is made on 8/1. It makes planning hard though!

    Maine requires portfolios so I keep one for each kiddo with samples of work (and other things) throughout our school year. When our reviews are over and everything is accepted, I toss the rest of their work. I only keep what's in the portfolio. It cuts down on papers and everything is in a neat 3 ring binder.

    Have a great week!

  2. Our Side. . .,

    Thanks so much for your comment.

    I'm hoping to finalize our curriculum this month so that I can be ready when my husband gives me the "okay" to order everything.

    Our states are very similar with the homeschool review and portfolios, so thanks for the tip!


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