A Week in the Life

In my life this week…
I'm still feeling full from remembering the life, death, and resurrection of my Lord, Jesus. . .so thankful for His sacrifice and His love for me.
Also started a new routine with the baby and he seems to be adjusting . . . but adjustments wouldn't be such if there weren't a few quirks here or there!

In our homeschool this week…
We've been working steadily. The kids are working hard and I'm happy about that. We have been doing a 10-week character study found HERE, that has been great for our morning Bible work. The kids always try to guess which character trait it will be for the week.
We also did some Easter art/painting. I know it's a week late, but why not--it's still relevant!

Click HERE for full instructions.
I found this on Pinterest!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
DON'T COMPARE!!! Your homeschool will look drastically different on any given day from any other homeschool. Why? Because our families are different, we are different women, we're married to different husbands. That makes for our own, individual family way of life, which in turn, effects our style of homeschooling. I know this is nothing new, and we've all heard it before, but I think we can't repeat it enough. :)

I am inspired by…
Nap time! LOL

People we’re seeing…
A good friend of mine, along with her son and daughter, came over for lunch this week! It's always nice to have another family over and give my kiddos (and me!) some practice with hospitality.

Questions/thoughts I have
What curriculum will I choose next year? I've never been to a homeschool fair, and I'm interested in the "experience." BUT, I'm not so sure it'll be a good idea. . .I don't want to get caught in the "this-is-THE-BEST-curriculum" trap. We're deciding to school year round, but with an abbreviated schedule in the summer. . .

Things I’m working on…
Housework. . .it's never ending! :) 

I’m reading…
So far, so good. I'm only 1 chapter in. But to be honest, it was the title that drew me.

I’m cooking…
I have some bananas that REALLY want to become banana bread. I posted a recipe for it a while back.

I’m grateful for…
My husband, my children, my parents, my brother, God's grace.

I’m praying for…
The strength and wisdom I need to continue teaching and raising my children. I want to be led by the Holy Spirit and I want to do right by them.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
My sweet children on Palm Sunday,
which was also the same day we
(publicly) dedicated the baby (JD) to the Lord


  1. I looove that photo and how dearly your older children look upon their baby brother.

  2. I am so impressed with the Easter painting! I'm checking out the tutorial right now.
    And I LOVE the picture of your children! It's wonderful how kids just open up their hearts to a new brother or sister. :-)

  3. Your week seems to have been very successful. I wanted to thank you for the reminder not to compare to other homeschool families. I know my family is completely unique and our homeschool will not look like other families but it is good to be reminded. As for your question regarding what curriculum you might use next year, I just wanted to mention that we use Time4Learning which is an online curriculum as our core. Because of the way my daughter learns it works really well for her. Love the pic of your kids, they are beautiful. Happy Homeschooling!

  4. Hi Judy,

    I'm glad you liked the Easter painting. . .I hope you enjoy making it!

    Thank you for the sweet words about my little ones. . .I am so grateful for them.

  5. Hi Linda!

    I certainly have to remind myself of the "comparison rule" all the time! Everyone has great ideas, but I have to be prayerful about the ones that will work (or not) for my family.

    Thank you for sharing the curriculum you use. I'm going to take a look at it!


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