Family Fun!

Hello, No Idle Bread family! We've had a touch a fun this week and it all started with. . .

Wednesday night into Thursday morning, it snowed and snowed and we got about 10 inches of snow altogether. My favorite part: Husband didn't have to work Thursday or Friday and is off Monday because of the holiday. I love spending time with him!

The kids and I tried a new recipe. . .snow ice cream!

Adventures in Unsell Land: Snow Ice Cream!
Use more or less sugar to taste!
My daughters collected a big bowl of snow for me, and they let me know that it was "picnic table" snow only!! (We have 2 dogs, if you know what I mean!) The kids went out to play in snow and the 2 year old quickly decided that 5 inches of snow was a bit too much for him to handle. So, he was my ice cream helper.

We had a blast as a family.
Early morning conversation with Husband without the "I've-got-to-get-to-work" rush.
The kids dressed in pink and red so I could take a Valentine's photo of them. Look at how they've grown.
Valentine's 2014

Valentine's 2013
School consisted of a devotion from John 15:9-17: Love and Joy Perfected in Jesus, and some fun games using conversation hearts.
Family Fun Night. 4 great games using conversation hearts.
Fun game ideas here that could certainly be played at any time!

This was fun, not only because it was Valentine's Day, but also because we were able to get out of the house, considering the snowfall. We helped Husband shovel the snow after we played our games. Then we went out to lunch.
Oldest daughter and Husband. . .
Aren't they twins?

Me :)
My son's tooth has been loose for weeks. He finally lost it right before bedtime, and was he excited!
And ice cream on the cake: it was my daughter's 9th birthday, the day after Valentine's day. I remember Valentine's Day of 2005 vividly, because that is when I went into labor with her. But, she wanted her own day so she came on the 15th instead. ;)
We had birthday cake for breakfast!

Birthday socks

TM with a new bunny from her brother.
This week was great and my heart is full and I am grateful and blessed by God's goodness.
Baby J, crawling around with a Santa hat on. LOL


  1. Looks like a great week. Glad you got to enjoy the snow. When you have kids it's so much fun.

    Blessings, Jen

    1. It was a great week, Jen. We needed that.
      Thanks for keeping up with us.



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