Breathing. . .While Taking it All In

Ever feel SUPER busy? Ever feel like the world is going NON-STOP all around you? Ever feel overwhelmed or consumed by this task or that?

I know I have. I had one of those moments the other day.

After breakfast, we had a full day of schooling; we ate lunch and right after that, I had a doctor's appointment; then I came back home for about 2 hours, enough time to assist my husband with a project and to prepare dinner; only to leave to take the children to swim lessons. By the time we were in the van on our way back home, I was feeling tired and overwhelmed; my back was hurting and I was having a few Braxton-Hick's (practice contractions); it was cold outside and the maternity jeans I had on just weren't comfortable anymore. My children were happily chattering to each other, my husband was going over with me his goals for our children's swimming skills, but all I wanted to do was just sit. still. and. breathe.

At that moment this song came on the radio, and my husband paused to turn it up. . .

And, I said to myself,  "Take a deep breath." Sounds too simple in the midst of a busy season, huh? But guess what? I took a deep breath, then another one, even deeper, on purpose.

And I began to relax, and listen to soothing sounds of the song. And I remembered that it's okay to pause, right in the middle of it all, to take a deep breath. And slowly take it all in.

And breath, breathing, is life-giving. Deep, intentional breaths, filling my lungs with air, so they can provide what is necessary to the rest of the body. Deep breathing. . .

And as I type this post, I am reminded of our wonderful God, Who breathed life into mankind. When I stop what I'm doing, pause to take Him in. . .stop to meditate on Him. . . . oh, is He life-giving. He is the very Keeper of my soul. . . why not breath Him in?

So sisters, when life is busy and it begins to weigh you down, pause right there in the middle of it, and BREATHE. Deep, intentional, slow breaths. . . calm your thoughts and focus on Him. It really works. Give it a try!

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  1. These were words I needed! I tend to stress out about things quite often. That leads to me feeling overwhelmed.

    I often step back and try to refocus.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Jen,

    I know what you mean!
    When we're feeling overwhelmed, we've gotta focus on Him even more.

    Take care,

  3. Yes, He does, Tonya! A peace so sweet. . .


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