Jury Duty


Jury duty. Just not the way I wanted to spend my Monday. I was hoping so badly that my group wasn't selected to come in. But, it was. *SIGH*

I'm trying to focus on the positives:
-My husband is glad to have an extra day of rest from work.
-My children and husband are thrilled to spend the day together, and Daddy with children is always a good thing.
-Thankful that I know my children are in wonderful hands.

I'm hoping that it is just for the day, as this season in my life is pretty busy. But, who doesn't say that when they're summonsed to jury duty?

In the meantime, I've packed a lunch and snacks for myself, and prepped baby's things for the day (to make it easier on Dad). I have a magazine, a book, and a crochet project to keep me busy in case there's a long wait. My husband has helped out in a sweet way by buying my favorite salad for me (some I ate at dinner, the rest is part of my lunch tomorrow). And he also bought the kids pizza which they will enjoy for lunch tomorrow!

The kids are so sweet. They're like, "Mommy, we'll miss you. Are you going to spend the night there? Is it a long road away?" :) But what's even funnier is that they are really celebrating because they get a Monday off from homeschool to play and have fun with their Dad. The thought of that makes me smile.

So, I will try to hold on to that thought while at the courthouse.

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