2 Weeks: A Peek Into Our Lives

So, my husband and I are 2 sleepy-head peas in a pod. . .:o)
But we are still so eternally grateful and are enjoying each moment of having our new baby boy add to the richness of family life!

Two weeks in picture form. . . enjoy!

JD squinting at the world. . .or those beautiful flourescent lights!

Tired Mommy w/ cute baby :o)

Home at last. . . Father and son

My oldest (SJ) and my youngest;
she's such a "Mommy Jr."

TM excited to hold baby brother

My MOM!!! a.k.a. "Abuela" to my children,
which is Grandma in Spanish

Play-Doh "food" my mom made with TM

The girls prepared a tea party feast. . .

. . .JR swiping 2 pieces of "bread"! LOL
Clean kitchen because of my Mom. . .

Clean clothes because of my Mom

Clutter around the house because of me and the baby.

Our cat-napping quarters:
Daddy in the recliner,
JD in the bassinet,
Mommy on the couch.

Sleeping, again :o)

JR has been sticking close by. . .he tells me every day
that he missed me when I was in
the hospital.

JD tuckered out from riding to the airport. . .
"bye-bye Abuela, see you in January!"

Puppies have FINALLY moved on to their new homes. . .
my girls miss them, but I'm glad!

We've had a couple of doctors visits (JD is 9lbs now!!), my husband's parents stopping by, late nights and early mornings, my older kids remembering to use "inside voices," etc. Life is definitely full and I'm so glad that God chose to bless our family this way.


  1. What a sweet, beautiful family! I'm so happy for you:) Thanks for sharing the pics.
    God bless you and may you all have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi there Kristin!

    Thank you very much . . .God is good!
    God bless you, too. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!!

  3. Stacie,
    I really like this post! Merry Christmas, I love you all and hope to see you soon!
    Love Mom/Abuela

  4. I'm glad you liked it, Mom.
    We love you, too. . . Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh Stacie,
    He is BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a precious little face!! Thank You, Lord! I LOVE the pictures of everyone holding him. Oh my, so very sweet! Merry Christmas, dear!!

  6. So much about this post is beautiful. Congratulations on the precious new baby. Merry Christmas to you, too.

  7. Thanks so much, Anne. I know you've been praying and are rejoicing with us. Have a beautiful Christmas!

  8. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you!!
    Merry Christmas.

  9. Oh my goodness Stacie! Have a Merry Christmas!!! I hope you get some sleep & have plenty of help - looks like your crew has you covered! :) oh, what a beautiful baby!!!! makes me want just one more :)

  10. Oh, Kelli!:o)

    You're so sweet. Thank you for your well wishes. Have a Merry Christmas!

  11. Oh Stacie! He is adorable!!! Congratulations to you all. What a special Christmas you are having this year. :)

  12. Aww, Jen!
    Thank you so much. It is a very special Christmas! :o)

  13. Congrats! He is soooo adorable. (Sorry I'm a little late.) What a wonderful little CHRISTmas present. ;)

  14. Congratulations! What a beautiful family! Hope you had a great Christmas.

  15. What a precious and beautiful Christmas present you and your husband have been blessed with! I absolutely love babies!
    My youngest was born Dec 22 and after that all the pictures and postage stamps of Mother and Child just seemed more meaningful.

    Congratulations and have a great New Year!

  16. Hi Heather,

    It's okay; thank you so much! He is a great Christmas present!

    Happy New Year!

  17. Thanks so much, Sara!
    I hope you had a great Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

  18. Hi Rhonda,

    Thank you very much! Babies are quite adorable, aren't they? Your youngest was really close to Christmas, huh?

    Happy New Year!

  19. Such a blessing to have your mom's help! JD is so handsome(: Thanks for sharing your pics Stacie! I enjoyed them(:

    Continue to rest and get to bed early;) Take care!

  20. Oh, thank you, Gertha!
    Yes, my mother has been a blessing and she'll be back this weekend!!!!
    Glad you liked the pictures :o)


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